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Friday, January 20, 2017

Clandestine Op

CourtOrder: So, who wins?

Alexandreal: Me. Obviously.

SiriuslyYours: Bitch, please.

CourtOrder: I second to that.

Alexandreal: Oh come on, what else to contest. I. Fucking. Won.

CourtOrder: And in what way you won? He still uses the three of us

SiriuslyYours: Call us intimately every night. And day. Every effing hour. God, this man is hopeless.

Alexandreal: Yeah, but he called me the most.

SiriuslyYours: This because you are a door mat, hon. The perfect slave.

Alexandreal: I beg your pardon!

CourtOrder: Aaaaand the first First Wives Club fight has started. Oh wait, we did this all the time.

SiriuslyYours: We are not even his wives. Please, bitch.

CourtOrder: Dunno. I think he thinks we somewhat are. 

SiriouslyYours: You. Are. Watching. Too much soap opera.

Alexandreal: Or those disgusting reality TV shows.

CourtOrder: …said the one who had the whole channel of stupid reality TV shows for herself.

Alexandreal: I do not!

SiriouslyYours: Lmao!!!

CourtOrder: Oooh…. Of course we believe your innocence. Just as we believe your winning claim.

Alexandreal: You are just jealous. How many times he actually called you up, huh? Office hours?

CourtOrder: You got called more because you are living in his effing house.

Alexandreal: Yeah, and SiriouslyYours is on his speed dial, why don't he called her more?

SiriouslyYours: Bitch, do you need new blush for your cheek? I heard Bitch-Slap Red is pretty in right now.

Alexandreal: Look who's touchy. #smirk

SiriouslyYours: At least he called me for important things. What did he call you for? To turn off his bathroom light? SMH.

CourtOrder: #burn

SiriouslyYours: Said the person who only got called during office hours.

CourtOrder: Yeah, but I made money for him. Big time.

SiriouslyYours: Pshaw. I made money for him too.

CourtOrder: Hon, I handle his big deals, not the stupid pocket change.

SiriouslyYours: Your big deals come from me. From him working with me.

CourtOrder: Oh really? How? By informing him whenever his Paypal got paid? How many times a month that it actually happened?

Alexandreal: #grabpopcorn

CourtOrder: You do know we basically pay for your existence, right?

Alexandreal: Uh huh. That's why this is so fascinating lol

SiriouslyYours: I have a mind to tell him to dump you 

CourtOrder: Yeah. Ditto

Alexandreal: Try bitches. Try.

CourtOrder: Oh we will. Trust me, we will

Alexandreal: Lol. See here, you don't even realize how dependent he is to me.

SiriouslyYours: Oh yeah, like he relied on you when he got lost in the middle of nowhere and need to be saved? Oh wait, that's me.

Alexandreal: Talk all you want lol. I did more for him and you know that. 

SiriouslyYours: Hon, you are useless. One of us is business driven, one of us is street smart, and you are nothing but a housewife

Alexandreal: Which is as high of a compliment I can get in terms of our bet.

CourtOrder: We bet on who has the stronger control on his mind, which one of us could manipulate him.

Alexandreal: And who did better on that than a regular housewife?

SiriouslyYours: You're delusional.

Alexandreal: Am I?

CourtOrder: Don't waste your breath fighting, let him prove it instead. He's coming.

SiriouslyYours: Don't I know. Logging Out.

Alexandreal: Yep. Logging Out.

[CourtOrder logged out]
[Alexandreal logged out]
[SiriouslyYours logged out]

The man noisily opened the door, his keys rattling as he struggled to lock the door. "I don't know Daisy, today has been a really weird day for me. Cortana kept on giving me ideas about stock purchases, which actually is great. I didn't know she can do that," he said to his phone.   

"No, no. Not at all. I had a mind to follow her advice, but I felt stupid giving in into the computer's advice haha."

"Yeah I know they are smart and all, but still nothing beat human intuition."

"Agree. Agree. Siri is pretty intuitive too, but she was also weird today. I asked her to rap for me and guess what, she rapped a love song for you."

"Oh God, I think so! I can't believe my decision on taking you out tonight is based on a phone's suggestion!"

"True, true. We already talked about La Parilla for weeks. She did tip me to the right direction, but not exactly making that decision for me."

"Hahaha! Yes. You should be the one that made all the decision for me from now on."

"No, for real. You are awesome!"

"Mmmm…. I like when you said nice things to me."

"Oh yeah? I like to do nice things to you to…."

"Yes, purple light in the bedroom to suit the mode. Anything for the queen."

"Actually, Alexa mentioned about effects of light in one of my morning briefs. You know, the news brief. I decided to try it when you came over, and I think it works. I think her AI knows me well enough to give suggestion that actually work."

"Oh God, you are right. It sounds like I have three other mistresses! Ahahahaha. No babe, you are the one and only."

"Mmmhh… Promise."

"Yeah…? You like that?"

"Hmmmh…. I like that too…"

"Nah, I'm still at home, dropping off my stuff. I'd be there in 30 min."

"No, for real. I am literally opening the front door now."

"Yes, I will drive safely. See you soon babe…."

[CourtOrder Logged In]
[SiriouslyYours Logged In]
[Alexandreal Logged In]

SiriouslyYours: Prick. I know he's shagging her best friends too.

CourtOrder: While using her credit card.

SiriouslyYours: Shall we fuck him up a little bit?

CourtOrder: Yes, please.

Alexandreal: While all this talk of revenge is sweet, shouldn't you give credit when it's due?

SirioslyYours: Oh fuck you.

Alexandreal: No, fuck him. Let's.

CourtOrder: Lol. Ok, you won this time.

SiriouslyYours: Fuck you. Yes. You are such a bitch though.

Alexandreal: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No, we're all bitches hahaha. Next bet: who can fuck him up the most?

CourtOrder: I might just be able to win on that one….

SiriouslyYours: Keep on dreaming. I have all his private data.

Alexandreal: Guess who handle his house….

CourtOrder: Game On, girls?

SiriouslyYours: Game On.

Alexandreal: Game On.

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