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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Loved (Thank you Lord!)

Can't stop wondering why He love me so,
Can't help feeling awe for the amount of love He gave me,
Can't help loving Him so...
Thank you Lord!

When I fell, He reach out His hand through my friends, and help me get up
When i need support, He offered His shoulder through my friends, and I can cry my heart out
When I am scared, He hold me close through my friends, and i know i am safe
So, Thank you Lord!

"I just want to be alone!" and i found myself alone in the office, giving me time to think and rearrange my heart
"I don't want to be alone..." and i found myself surrounded by friends, giving me strength and courage to move on
I am spoiled by His love indeed, Thank you Lord!

whatever i want, whenever i ask, He will always be there for me
and He send his love through friends, families, even strangers
basically through anyone that opens his or her heart to acknowledge Him inside.
because there is always a part of Him inside us

I am loved indeed, but so do you and everyone else...
So pass His love around, because you are His angels and He loves through you
and let's make more and more people said:
I'm loved! Thank you Lord!

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