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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Am Ary

My coworker gave me a souvenir from Greece, and let's just say it's NSFW. I am so happy right now I can't concentrate. 

I am aware that it sounds immature to get ecstatic about a pack of NSFW playing cards. It wasn't about the crude nature of the cards, though. It was about being comfortable with who I am, and having people who are comfortable with who I am.

I can be the crass, sex-driven, promiscuous vixen.
I can be the sweet mannered, loving and caring girl-next-door.
I can be the dependable, quick thinking mom of the group.
I can be the Social Justice Warrior and stand up for what I feel is right.
I can be the board gamer that live and breathe dices and cards.
I can be the swing dancer that twirl from one partner to the others.
I can be a sister, a friend, a lover, an enemy.
I can be all that. As a matter of fact, I am all that.

The cards sent me giggling in euphoria because it's a reminder that I am all that. I am unique and fun. I am sexy and caring. I am lively and thoughtful. In the world filled with 7.7 billion people there's only one Ary Yogeswary, and that's me. It feels really good to be me. I can dig this.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Winning The Base

I still found "Hillary won more than 3 million votes" post in Instagram. To be precise, quoting Wikipedia: "While Clinton received over 2.8 million more votes nationwide, a margin of 2.1%..." 

2.1% from 100 people means it's 49 people vs 51 people, with 2 people difference. 2.1% from 1 million people means it's 490K people vs 510k people, 20k people difference. The number of people increased, but if you put the percentage in perspective there are almost the same amount of people voting for the two things. 

This is the reason why you can't overlook the substantial amount of people that actually vote for him. You can be as loud as you want to "Dump Trump" or posting as many 'Trump's evil-doing' as you want, but all it will do is making the silent voice seethe and retaliate against your cause. 

Not every Trump voters vote for him because they too like to grab 'em by the pussy. Some vote for him because they feel he has a better understanding of what the US needed than Hillary. Some because they are more uncomfortable with Hillary than with him, the poise of a rich white woman is less relatable than loud-mouthed crass that could easily be someone they know.

Not everyone who refused to denounce Trump is knee-deep in adultery and third marriages or hate LGBTQ and Muslims in such wrath. Some don't even vote for him at all but decide that his policy is something they can live with. You will be surprised on how many legal immigrants are in line with his immigration policy. And some just decided patriotically that now he is the US president they should support his policies, or at least be more objective to them.

The future vote will be an ugly vote again, and one that will potentially be lost if there is no change in attitude. An article on The Hill stated 45% of sampled people think there's an anti-Kavanaugh bias in the media, while 20% think there's pro-Kavanaugh bias, and 35% see it as neutral. 45% is a lot of unhappy people that feel things has been done unfairly. 

Combined that to 49% popular vote that Trump received, and you will realize how despite the noise in the media and all the celeb dis-endorsement Trump is actually in good position for 4 more years in the office. Numbers don't lie.

You can think of it as you being a martyr in this harsh, cruel, despicable world. Or you can try to see what and why other people feel what they feel. You can try to persuade people with proper facts instead of a knee-jerk reaction. [And when I say persuade, it means listening to their concerns and try to alleviate them instead of shutting them with "But you must understand!"]

As much as you think you are in the right, without properly assessing Trump's base in terms of numbers and reasons/things that sway their votes you are in danger of getting 4 years of Trump [and the senators/representatives that will back him up]. Just because it's trendy to hate Trump, it doesn't mean the silent ones won't fight back.

Now the true question is, do you really want to dump Trump or do you just need someone to hate? If you hate Trump for the crass he is, there's nothing we can do about it. If you hate Trump because of his policies, get your homework done. 

Mark which policy could be made better with understanding all the potential consequences and pitfalls (i.e. don't just "We want free healthcare but we don't want to get taxed!"). Mark which one you expect to be done by the next president and which one that you should whip your congressman and congresswomen to achieve.

Sure, we all hate Trump, right? That is, we all plus 3 million extra people who vote for Hillary. It's a lot, but so does his base. Be smart about it. Trump won in 2016 because people underestimate him. You want him out? Then do your homework and stop assuming. This is a battle that won't be won just because Chrissy Teigen and JK. Rowling said so.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018



"Will you just stop running, Atalanta?"

She looked at her boss with an annoyed look. "If there is anything I don't do," she said dryly, "it's running. You know I can't even power walk to save my life." 

He gave her *the look*. "You know what I mean," he tossed a stack of papers on her desk. "Every time your relationship tanked, your work tanked."

She pouted, but the bright eyes behind her glasses showed remorse. "It is not my fault," she started, "You know what happened with…" 

"Yes, I know," he cut her off. "I also know that you need to stop preying on people." She looked at him with cold fury. After a long pause, she responded, "I do not prey." 

"Atalanta…" he said gently. She hated that. She hated that concerned look. She hated that soft, calming tone. She had seen he used the voice and the look many times to interrogate their captives, and she knew how effective it was. 

He looked at her, reading her face. "This is not an interrogation," he said. She looked up to the ceiling in frustration and then dropped her chin. She knew that too. Which made it worse. 

"You know why your code name is Atalanta, right?" he asked. She still gazed intently to the floor, not wanting to see the piercing green eyes. "Yes," she mumbled, "I am the fastest hacker you got…" 

He nodded. "That, and because we see the potential in you." She looked at him in disbelief. Personal praises were almost non-existent in their department. To think about it, she couldn't remember anyone ever gets one.

"Don't look so shocked," he said with a grim smile. "Will you stop reading my mind??" she said in annoyance. He shrugged. "I told you to practice your poker face."

"Atalanta," he said musingly, now conveniently perched on the edge of her desk. "Atalanta, because it will take the willpower of the Gods and the help of the Gods to stop you." She blushed. 

"You are a good woman," he said, "But you know that none of your suitors is a match for you. Yet you still take the race and speared them when they can't catch up with you."

She looked at her shoes again, angry and ashamed. "Maybe there's no need for you to take unnecessary races anymore?" he asked kindly. "Or if you do, spare their lives. It will ease up yours as well."

She sighed. "I promise I won't tank my work again. There. I said it. Will you leave me alone now?" He gave her a stern look. She squirmed in discomfort, dutifully looking down at her shoes again. Such nice, black, pointed flats. 

There was a long, awkward silence. She knew she couldn't get away from it. "I know that you care," she said quietly. "And?" he asked. "And I know," she answered, "that's not just because I am your worker. You actually care."

He chuckled. "Not the answer I was looking for. And not so loud. I have a reputation to keep." Now it was her turn to chuckle. He was a scary one, but there's no doubt among any of his team member that the chief actually cares.

"You deserve better. The time will come when a man will be equipped with gifts from Gods themselves in order to win you over." She looked at him in his eyes, trying to find lies there. 

"I am not lying to you," he said with a grin. "Will you just stop reading me?!" She gritted her teeth in frustration. He shrugged again, "That's what we are trained for. What do you expect?"

She let go a long sigh and looked at him. "Do you mean what you said?" He looked at her back. "Atalanta, I will personally deliver the golden apples from the Gods myself to that suitor, or take it by force if they refuse to help." 

She laughed. "You are crazy," she said. "No, I am not," he retorted. "That's our department specialty, anyway." She laughed harder and he smiled at her.

"Why?" she asked. "I reward the people who are loyal to me," he answered. She took another deep breath. "Promise it will be okay?" she said in a timid voice. "Atalanta," he said solemnly, "I promise."

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