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Friday, November 12, 2010

I love you, Indonesia

Before I dive at Great Barrier Reef I gotta dive at Raja Ampat first,
Before I visit the Carribean Islands I gotta visit Mentawai Islands first,
Before I hike the mountains of Nepal I gotta hike Semeru and Bromo first,
Before I solemnly pray at Incan Temple I gotta pray at Prambananan first,
Before I touch my hand on ancient rocks of Stonehenge I gotta touch the ancient rocks of Tana Toraja first,
Before I see the world from Tokyo tower I gotta see my country from Berhala Island's Lighthouse first,
Before I hear Big Ben struck I gotta hear Jam Gadang struck,
So much things to do in my beautiful country, what do you want to do first?

If I win a lottery, the first thing I'm gonna do (after buying mum a decent house and pay off all my bills) is travel around Indonesia, and take a different friend with me on each trip. So more people will appreciate what a gorgeous and great country we have.

Don't get wrong. I do wish I can go abroad too, especially to work. For pure fun: The Louvre, New Orleans, San Francisco, Southern France, Greece, Turkey, so many places that I want to go to. But first, I gotta go see my country.

Indonesia is a great country, an amazingly beautiful and obscenely rich country. If she's a girl, don't imagine her as one of the regal Duchess of Europe. Imagine her as the native island princess: exotic dark skinned lady, naive yet full of faith, with rough looking yet priceless gold and precious rock jewelry all over her, and the smile always on over her face for she always have what she needs and much more.

I know lots of you don't believe this, especially foreign people. An under-develop country, which rely on foreign donor to keep herself alive? A corrupt country, which everything needs to be settled with bribe? A barbaric country, where most people are downright uneducated and illiterate? Why yes. That is the side of Indonesia. But we have another side of the story.

The policies which Indonesian government made are not entirely correct or even Indonesia-friendly. Corruption and bribe are plague everywhere, even in mighty USA or strict Japan. Uneducated? Well, we're working on it. We really do. You have to remember than Indonesia is a young country, a mere fledgling. We're enormous in natural resources (you might even use the phrase "Behemoth"), but this giantess barely learn to walk, let alone run. It took USA hundreds of years before they elect the first black president (Hi Mr. Obama, I love you), the monarchy in UK is hundreds of years old as well, and we're only 65 years old. We were overrun for almost 400 years by 2 Colonialist who cares nothing except making profits by bleeding us to death (in terms of resources and also literally our fellow citizen), now we have some capitalists piggy back and drained us as well. it's a small wonder we're everything you called us above.

But the people of Indonesia are also strong people. Tsunami, major flood, volcanic activities, whatever happen we simply move on. The people of Merapi already getting ready to go back to their destroyed villages. The people of Wasior already buried their victims and start to live their live again. And yes, we work hand by hand to try help those people, especially the army and PMI.

If we have the ability to run our own resources and tourism (with government that really cares about Indonesia and her citizen), if we have the pride and knowledge of how powerful our country can be, if we can gathered IDR 10,000 from each citizen of Indonesia and use it (correctly) to fund our education, I am at awe on how far we could go. Imagine that your self.

The knowledge (technical, medical, everything!) of Indonesian heritage is outstanding: Borobudur, Prambanan, various medication to cure any ailment, you name it. The courage and the pride that our Indonesian ancestor has shown is breathtaking. The beauty of our country is enough to make even the most daredevil adventurer stands speechless. Unfortunately, many people don't realize this, or choose not to realize this. That's why I wanna go around Indonesia, to first handedly experience its beauty and marvel.

Luckily, some people start to realize it and try to raise Indonesian pride. One of the active one is Get Lost in Indonesia (twitter @getlostisgood ), which promotes Indonesia's beautiful sites and ask Losteners (their followers) to post their new-found stupendous sites of Indonesia. Any sites of Indonesia that is, all is good ;). Another one that I've just found is @palingindonesia . This twitter account tweets anything that is "very Indonesia" or "paling Indonesia". From information of the Indonesian heroes (Bung Tomo, anyone?) to simply good culinary pictures, everything is all about Indonesia.

I hope Indonesian can be proud of their own beautiful country. I hope everyone can help to make Indonesia stays as a beautiful country. From as little as not littering to trying hard to prevent us from drained by "investors", your help and care is needed. Most of all, show that you love Indonesia, cause she'll grow prettier and stronger, and love you in return. I love Indonesia.


  1. Ayoooooo dayuuuuu
    keliling indonesia bareng gw
    ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ


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