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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Starfish Story

"There'd been a storm, and tens of thousands of starfish had been washed onto a beach. A man walked the beach, saddened to see all the dying creatures. Up ahead, he saw another man. The man was tossing starfish back into the ocean.
"You can't save all these starfish," the first man said. "What does it matter?"
The second man turned to the first. He leaned over, picked up a starfish, and cast it into the sea.
"Well," he told the first man, "it mattered to that one.""

As beautifully illustrated on the story above, we cannot save everyone but the ones that we do save will be grateful for what we do. I cant save everyone in the world, or make everyone happy. I dont think I can even save anyone from anything or make a person happy all the time. Shit happens. But I can try, and hopefully I can make your life worthwhile.

Just like the story goes, what I do probably can't make a change to the world, nevertheless it can make a change (no matter how small it is) in your life. So stay, and allow me to make you smile, to make your life a slightly wonderful one. Allow me to make you happy.

NOTE: the starfish story is taken from a Yahoo article. Read the whole inspiring story here.


  1. pas baca judulnya gw pikir ini cerita mengenai Patrick dan spongebob -___-"


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