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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Write, baby. Write!

My boyfriend told me to write.

"Write, lovebug, write!" he said, "Write like your life depends on it!"

At first I didn't quite understand why he was so adamant about it. Yes, I enjoy writing. Thus the blog. D'oh. I didn't write/post entries regularly, but it doesn't mean I don't like writing. Sometimes I just prefer relaxing and seeing the world. Ok, most of the time. Happy? Lol. Nonetheless his unmovable view proved to be, ah, unmovable. And after a hefty dose of coaxing, stern reprisal, and many more coaxing I found myself firing up my computer after work, and got lost in the realm.

I travel through the forest not unlike Fangorn in Lord of The Ring. I walked through the city with my boyfriend and enjoy ourselves. I went to the future and the past, and cherishing the smallest details of the present. All in my writing. Like Rodger-Hammerstein's Cinderella once sang, "In my own little corner/In my own little chair/I can be whatever I want to be."

It took him to shook me off and realize how much I love to write. When books take me to their world, I was merely following the path they have provided. In my own writing, I get to choose the path. With those written words I talk to stranger I've never meet before (and will probably never meet ever!): sharing my thoughts, my joy, my agony. It is a wonderful feeling to found myself relaxing and (somewhat) chatting in my worlds of 1000-something words.

But now and then my phone will beep. My boyfriend would contact me and I would be transfered back to reality. The harsh, harsh reality. Well, actually is more of the sweet, sweet reality. For what is sweeter than knowing you will always found home? I can write what I wish, what I want to tell, make up my own world and played in it, but I can always find home afterwards. He'll be there, waiting for me. A fully supporting friend/spouse/patron is a definite "must have item" for any writer!

PS: See baby? I write!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Kind Word Helps Two

Mon, Jun 25, 2012 11:58 PM PDT

Just wanted to write you a quick email to tell you that I love you!
I know I've said this before, but it just feels so
good to tell you again :D And again! :)"

She smiled her widest smile when reading the email. All the hardship of the day, all the trouble and worries seemed to melt away just because of the kind words in the e-mail. How good it was to have someone that cared!"

How many of us have the luxury of kind words spoken to us recently, let alone in daily basis?

Of all the species in the world, human is unique for its ability to emotionally support and/or affect each other by words. Simply put, whatever people say affect us. This is the reason why some people take delight in verbal harrasment/bullying, but this is also the reason why a simple "Thank you" or can easily brighten our otherwise miserable day.

It is always a pleasure to deal with a polite person, one that uses the magic words appropriately: "Thank you", "please", "excuse me". I assume it is because it makes us feel appreciated. If so, what about genuine compliments and encouragement? That must be more potent even. Wouldn't it be grand to know someone think what we do or what we are is good? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know we are not alone and someone actually care?

It's only natural that someone that gets a healthy dose of kind (polite) words and encouragement will fare better than the ones that don't. He/she will have more self esteem, more positive way of thinking, and will appreciate and respect other people more. Yet with all the obvious advantage kind words are still quite hard to find these days, and I suspect it will be harder still as more and more people learn/adapt to live without others. But unlike other things in life, words are completely totally free. It's actually funny because we gain nothing by not saying [kind words to people], and gain so much by saying (i.e. The receiver's good feeling of him/herself, and also your own good feeling). Yet somehow our mouth is sealed tighter than the clams.

For that, I dare you to say something nice to others. One of the magic words, a small compliment, all genuine and straight from your heart. Say that, and watch the magic happen. See his/her face lit up, watch the smile bloom, observe the twinkle in his/her eyes and the obvious excitement. Congratulations, you just made his/her day.

Here's my line to you readers: Thank you for reading this, thank you for spending your time to ponder on my thoughts. And for the ones that take up my dare: Thank you for trying. I hope it makes you feel good about youself :). Man, it feels good saying all that! I really do love you, readers. Many thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Inevitable

"There is no such thing as coincidence. What we have is the inevitable." -XXXHolic

My friends told me how impossible I am. My last relationship was conducted from 4500 km away, and my current one is more than 14,000 km away. Previously I was bracing the complicated social norm of Balinese hierarchy, now I land my self in a cross-race and totally different nationality altogether. No wonder my friends think I'm crazy, and questioned why won't I just get a normal relationship like everyone else. Point taken, but why should I?

 For me, it was never the question of difficulties or hurdles or challenges. It was always about the feeling, what kind of person my partner is. But sometimes, in one of few rare occasions, my faith waiver. Was I making the right decision, can I make it through. Then, wham! God smack my senses back.

Was worried about whether I can survive professionally when I got a client that simply thankful for what I do. Was scared that we couldn't last when I got a client who asked to conduct a surprise engagement photo session. Was thinking whether conducting a relationship from far away is a good idea when I got a client who decidedly moved to Japan, and having a great time with it albeit the anguish of missing the friends and family. And they all came from the same country as my partner, which actually made the chance of them contacting us and becoming a client is pretty slim. Flying full 24 hours is not really fun. But they came.

An agnostic would say I'm making this up. Heck, my partner WILL argue I'm making this up, that I'm forcing to connect the dots lol. But that's what I choose to believe, that everything happen for a reason. There is no coincidence, only the inevitable. It's His way of telling me that I'll be good.

Was I delusioning? Probably.
But I can't help feeling good about what I have, about my partner and our relationship. I listen closely to my feeling, to my gut instinct, as I can't afford and don't want to get hurt again. And I felt good, I felt really really good. When other people say what I am trying to do is crazy and impossible, I just know I'm going to make it. And yeah, He's been telling me that too.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What I Hope My Child(ren) Will Have

Eyes that open wide for the wonders of life
Ears that hear and enjoy kind words and melody of the world
Lips that smile and bring wonder to others
Mouth that speak things kind and bring peace and joy
Fingers that caress without doubt
Hands that are ready to help
Arms that are ready to hold
Kind heart with compassion for others
Strong heart that stood rock solid over troubles
Courage to do what is right
Self-control to stop from what's not
Humbleness upon this majestic word
Confidence in him/herself and what he/she can achieve
Strength to defend him/herself
Grace to love others

An open minded person
A loving soul
A quick thinker
A wise and smart decision maker
With faith that never falter
And feet that take him/her far.

I love you, little angels.

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