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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Go President-elect, Go!

At the very least, by 2021 I can say, "Wait, let me tell you how I survive *that* President. Oh boy!" That is, if anything does happen, other than constant vigilante of 'Not My President', which actually already happened in the last 8 years. It is not like Obama spent his 8 years unchallenged.

I love Obama. I really do. I followed his saga from 2008, where he captured the voice of minority and make it work. I believe he accomplished many things, just as many presidents before him. All presidents, as a matter of fact; spending 4+ years being idle would look pretty conspicuous when you are the head of one of the biggest countries on Earth. US government in itself, with or without the president, is already a powerful entity. Which is why I can totally dig Trump.

Can't you see? He too captured the voice of minorities. You called them misogynist or white trash, I called them US Citizen who legally vote for him. His raucous attitude is something that apparently a lot of people more comfortable with (especially those who vote in Electoral College), or at least better tolerated than cold calculated gesture of his opponent. Come one, there are more of us who watch Duck Dynasty than those who watch Homeland, and you're surprised that he got elected?

If there is anything, it proves that USA is really where dreams come true. Somebody with no political powerhouse family to support him can still chance be a president, as well as a 70 year-old business-tycoon-turn-reality-tv-star. Your distaste for him only equaled with the distaste some 'honorable' white people had with Obama when he got inaugurated. Don't believe me? Let me remind you about the 'ape comments' some government official made about Michelle Obama. 8 long years and they still hated her. Is this the route you want to take for the next 4 years?

Yes, he is awful. Yes, he is classless and tasteless. Yes, he seems unhinge now and then. Guess what? That is also what your conservative neighbor think when you move with all your gay-pride-glory or nerdy-super-high-tech-bots or yogi-namaste-healthy-living-organic-lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with being gay, or nerdy, or yogi, or whatever as long as you don't bug other people. The same principle should be applied to him as well. This is what you and I should understand and come to term. Let's drop the hatred and fear towards him. He's different, but that doesn't mean he'll hurt us.

As a president, he can potentially f*cked us up big time, sure. Not necessarily will happen though. Like I said, US government and enclosing departments and such is already such a huge entity that he can't mess up *that* big. And if he does, I'd be surprised if the world didn't get together to stop him from running amok. And remember, vox populi vox dei; if something did happen we have the power to stop it and make it right. Say it with me: we have the power.

Understand that he is not what makes (some of) his supporters racist and full of hatred. They have been like that even before he's in the picture. Just like gays coming out in full throng when gay marriage was legalized, these people too coming out when they felt their thought is justified. And rightly so. For one thing, I failed to understand why Asian jokes can offend but redneck jokes are okay. Maybe they are tired of being the butt of the jokes all the time, tired of this 'modern lifestyle' that seemed to be filled with hedonistic and ungodly behavior (read: things that they are not accustomed with). Maybe they want their voice to be heard too. And no, we have no right to shut their voice down.

We have the right to shut their voice down when it is alarming or intentionally hurtful. We have rules and laws for that, FFS. Any excuse, even the 'Oh, but the president did that while he was a president' is downright invalid. Why? Because US constitution held the right of each citizen (and hopefully residents) very, very high. And also because Trump will be the president with the most scrutiny thanks to his track record of reckless behavior. I honestly believe someone will tackle him before he can do too much damage. He *is* the 45th President, you guys are not newbies in this.

Give this guy a chance. Give this guy a chance that Obama did not get from his opponent in his 8 years of presidency. We owe Obama that much. Do we really want to be the pathetics who happily cheered Obamacare repeal unknowingly that the ACA they relied on is actually Obamacare? Don't hate. Be critical, yes. Be very wary of the antique of this guy. Be aware of the little snakes that come out from their hidey-hole just because they think it's safe to come out. With or without Trump there is no safe place for Racism or any kind of inequality. With or without Trump or Obama or any kind of President, everyone deserves to be treated equally and respectfully. Hold on to this. Remember this.

So what's it gonna be? 4 years of dissent and hate and chanting 'Not My President'? Or can we actually be grown ups and give this guy a chance? There are people, legal US Citizen who actually think that he is fit enough to lead, can we not give him a chance to at the very least honor these fellow citizens? Distancing yourself from him only make the abyss deeper, the discontent stronger. We don't need that. It's up to us now, 4 years of 'Not My President' or 4 years of 'Dammit He Is After All My Elected President so I Will Do What I Can To Support Him And Not Let Him Ruin My Country'. 

Your choice. Our choice.

Note: Writer is a green card holder which means she can and pretty much wants to stay here paying taxes etc for the next 4 years because slow cooker, free library audiobook rental, and accessible drinkable tap water is amazing. She also strongly believes in US democracy and governmental system and the strength of US as a country. Yes, that includes US' awesome citizens and permanent residences and pretty much everyone else here.


  1. Bravo. Exactly how I think about the subject. Salam kompak dari Texas :)

  2. I truly like this post! U are an amazing woman!


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