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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Calling

The clickity clack of iron against wood
The singular path through the nether land
The iron snake that slithered forward
The promise of adventure and sweet discoveries

I am gone love, but not for long
The world awaits, and I shall oblige
Oh the people that I would soon see
And the wonders that I would soon experience

The train shall move forward on and on
Over the tall bridge, over the cold bays
The trees and vistas will greet me
And there I will be, forever more

The world is big, love, and I want to see it
The different smiles each place promised
The different beauties each place hold
Aren't we lucky to live in such era?

Inside the iron snake's belly I will stay
Admiring what the world has to offer
An adventure, a journey, a lesson
An opportunity to know more, a whole lot more

But I will be home love, I will be home
Not all who wanders are lost, and I know the way home
To the nights under the city lights and days over the beach
To you. To us. Together

But now let me see the world, and let the world see me
Let me be lost in this vast, vast world
Let me take one more train ride, and one more, and one more
Each will take me away, yet also will take me home

And the train will go, clickity clack, clickity clack
The laughter will rise, the smile will bloom
The lost child will return to where she belongs
As I run towards the world's open arm and said: I am home

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