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Monday, January 16, 2017

I Am Fear

Here I am, at your side
Beautiful and witty, Lovely and tantalizing
Promising sweet, sweet future
Stroking your pride and ego

All you need to do is prove yourself
A moment of truth that seemed last forever
Though it is a mere split second or so
And there, you conquered me

I am yours
All yours

Here I am at your side,
Horrendous and cruel, Ruthless and horrifying
Threatens your very own existence
Leaving you breathless and debilitated

All you need to do is master me
Ability to think straight even for a moment
Though it feels like forever or so
But there, I conquered you

I am yours
All yours

Here I am at your side
Or at least the side where I was placed
The string that pulled your limbs
Made you dance for the puppeteer

All you need to do is cut the string
Realizing you've been had
Breaking free from the one who controls you
Else I will make you dance forever

I am yours
All yours

Use me well, use me wise
For even laughter needed tears
The light needed darkness
And courage will need fear

I am Fear
And I am yours
All yours

Let me be your mistress and propel you to the stars
Allow you to turn the "I can't" into "I Can"
Get you drunk in the newfound self-confidence
And made your steps a little sturdier each time

Let me be the horrid storm that wrecked your feeling
That made you greet the calm dawn gratefully
Turns you into a believer of everything good
And made your life a little bit better every time

I am yours
All yours

Do not let me run your head or your heart
Do not give me the reign and the whip and the chain
For I am a cruel mistress that will stop at nothing
Until you lay broken and dead at my feet

And not even once will you dare to think
That you can erase me from your life
I will always be there as a part of you
In sickness or in health, till death do us part

I am yours
All yours

For every breath you take you need me
To guide you in life, to protect you in life
The little challenges that'll boost your confidence
The major deals that'll keep you alive

What would you do without me, pray?
A content human too lazy to evolve
A corpse that died because inability to feel danger
A soulless person that let their soul gone to waste

I am yours
All yours

Fear me. Love me. Hate me. Desire me.
Hold me close to your heart and embrace me tight
Kiss me and tie me and use me well
Master me and let me serve you right

For I am a faithful mistress and a generous one
Dance with me well and you shall be rewarded
With courage and strength and wit and power
Do me wrong and you are gone forever

I am yours
All yours

Take this hand and let us dance
The first of the many lasts
To doom or to salvation, who knows
I will make you dance, no matter what

For I am Fear
The daughter of darkness
The ruler of hearts
The keeper of soul

And I am yours
All yours

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