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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Day at The Fair

"Come, come, come now pretty Lady

Exhale the latest scent of Paris! The current scent of London! The delightful scent of Hollywood!

Where before you only dreamed of movie stars and royalty

Now let you be one of them, live among them!

No commoners you will be then,

No commoners!"

"Thank you dear Sir, such an exciting offer

But my love smells like freshest pine leaves and first spring blooms

So natural and comforting, so sweet and delicious

And even if the time run past us by

Forever it will be the Pretty Spring for me when I am with him

What more can a lady ask, pray?

"Hear the fabulous music, dear lass, and set your heart to it

The piano piece, the violin! The harp and the orchestra!

Surely you will need this music, lass, there is no doubt

Let it immersed in your soul, let you be thrilled by it

Let it sway you, move you, indulge you!

A good music is a cure for all!"

"Why, it is beautiful music indeed, good lad

But my love's laughter is the tinkling of the wind chime on a sunny summer day

And his steady breathing is the comforting wave sound in a bright summer night

I will forever be in the Delightful Summer when I am with him

Warm and delighted, carefree and happy

What more can a lass ask, pray?

"But surely you will love these soft velvet and cashmere, good woman?

Why I am sure the Queen herself (though it is wise not to say out loud)

Have never had such fine collections

Cut and model them any way you wish to, create a lovely wrap for your dainty self

Or even two, or three!

 And by Jolly they are wonderfully warm too!"

"Oh they do feel soft and wonderful, my good man

But my love's touch is warmer than the first fire in the hearth

And softer than the finest fur

Comfortably protected, lovingly shielded, just like Autumn days

And when I am with him I will forever be in Lovely Autumn

What more can a woman ask, pray?"

"Behold your eyes on these wonders, lovely maiden

The sparkling diamond, the burning ruby! The enticing gold and brilliant silver!

Beautiful enough for a king's ransom

No, make it the King and Queen's! And their Princes and Princesses too!

Let them adorn you and make you shine, glitter, glow

And dazzled all around you!"

"Good heaven, they are beautiful indeed

But my love's smile is the beautiful day of snowy winter

Dazzling and breathtaking, splendid and marvelous

I am forever in that Delightful Winter when I am with him

And like the snow, he made me shine better than any jewels

What more can a maiden ask, pray?"

"Oh, oh, oh, such a dismay!! I can see now that you are in love, little girl!

No worries, I have just the potion for you.

No more lovebirds will flutter around you and meddle with your mind 

No heartbreaks or jumbled decision and endless brooding

(as you can see, Love is a horrid disease which will break your heart eventually)

Let me save you from your accursed state!!"

"No, no, no, you funny boy, let me be!

Your trinkets amuses me but it is he that I longed more

It is he that my heart hold dear, and better than anything world could offer

 No potion can make me feel as good as I am now

No jewels and precious items can make me feel as proud as I am now

(I do heard of the possible side effect, yet I believe it worth everything)

I'm in love, jolly fellow!

In Love!" 

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