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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Come to Me

Come to me oh Hope
Come hither thither with your glowing light
Come bright and unabashed and strong
Come and reside within my soul

Come to me oh Time
Come running and walking at your leisure
Draped me with old wisdom and young innocence
Come and stay within my life

Come to me oh Courage
Break me free from this cage of fear
Armed me with the will to live
Come and rule within my heart

Come to me oh Silence
Comfort me in my melancholy days
Together with darkness and shadow
Come and rest within my mind

Come to me oh Life
I have been waiting for you for so long
You will not be squandered or neglected
Come and reign within my spirit

Come oh spirits of the world
The tunes this earth sing
The elements this earth is made of
Come and be with me

For human is folly but we love them dearly
And spirits are fickle but we love them so much
The balance is thin and obscure
But what's stopping us from finding it

Here lies magic within us
Courage and Hope, Time and Silence,
And beautiful, serene Life
Come and sit with me

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