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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Witch in LA

When I told people here about our witchy ways back home, I can see their eyes drifting uneasily and their manner changed. There will be some vague good-willed "That's nice", or an abrupt change of subject.

The incense burning and offerings, as well as chant and prayers to the ancestors, do not belong in the current world. And especially
not sacrifices or ghosts and ghouls. Magic is not real. It is spooky.

Yet growing up among ancient traditions and beliefs allow me to see magic in every way. I can't see spirits or things like that, nor can I 'feel' the energy or envision the chakras and auras.

It's the laughter of the Uber driver as we shared silly drunk stories of Uber passengers throughout the drive home, making my
disastrous 4-hour commute suddenly feel a lot nicer.

It's the sight of wild flowers growing, bringing up memories of the old storybook about flower parades during springtime. It's also the sign of life, the touch of nature herself.

It's me crying over Moana's climax scene, touched by the very women-empowerment storyline and the hard, hard effort on making
thebeautiful movie a reality.

It's sensing hard effort, feeling, emotion of everything around you, wrapped in them like a storm of cherry blossom petals. Everything is so real, yet so surreal.

Everything around me is magical. Me, the living, breathing me; this complex mechanism of a human body that my soul ride in is magical. Every breath I inhale and exhale, every beat of my heart and every twitch of the muscle is magical.

The magic is in us. It's the ability to breathe life in other people, as well as to take it, just by our action and thoughts. The smile that lifts, the words that strike, we are capable of both and so much more.

Life is tough, and dull, and boring, and painful. It's the color of grey upon grey, all the way till the black shroud of death comes. But is it really? Is it not bright colored, in every imaginable way possible?

Feel the things around you. Use all your five senses and let your heart tell you more. The world, and life, is magical. Be magical, too.

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