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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Love is Like Pi

My love is like Pi
It is irrational, both number and logic
Why do I want you, why do I don't
You can never really tell

My love is like Pi
It keeps on going till the endless end
Repeating itself without a doubt
Because, you know, that's what love is

My love is like Pi
It has big and small things (err numbers)
Just like life, where nothing is constant
The highs will always come with the lows

My love is like Pi
It is 22/7, never 24/7
I need time for myself too, honey boo
Time to find that person I love in me

My love is like Pi
It gives more the better you are
Better computer extracted larger Pi digits
(Perfect analogy of what you can get from me!)

My love is like Pi
You need it to come to a full circle
Or at least measure how far you've gone
It ain't perfect, but it'll still be a treat

My love is like Pi
It is intriguing and addicting
It is confusing and mesmerizing
But hey, I will always be around

On and on it goes like Pi
Round and round like Pi
Stubbornly enchanting like Pi
And yes, mmm, sweet as Pie

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