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Monday, March 26, 2018

Happiness Monday

""Let's dance," the old man said, taking her hand firmly and lead her to the dance floor. She put her hand on his arm and break into a smile, enjoying both the dance and the flirts."

What is happiness? For years I thought it being with someone you love, the little happily ever after, the end to all finale. I have been looking for it as long as I can remember.

Yet when my story ended I was forced to see the world in a different light, and surprisingly, I don't need to depend on anyone to be happy. I can do it by myself.

Happiness is:
- Walking in a flapper dress in the midst of car-chase film crews
- Helping to locate a piece of chain in the middle of the night (not an NSFW story, unfortunately)
- Dancing all night to the music, all smiles and laughter
- Orange banana choco smoothie, made from leftover valentine chocolate
- Adventuring with trains and buses, going to places I've never been
- A night in watching dysfunctional family on TV (GODDAMIT, FRANK!!!)
- Taking racy selfies because I look so pretty (nope, not sharing it)
- Making lewd jokes and sassy insults while killing monsters (Arkham Horror, anyone?)
- Bottled chocolate milk spiked with Kahlua
- Heck yeah, princess cake for breakfast (yay sugar overlord err overload!)

The list is endless. They are mundane things that one might overlook, and that will pass in an instance. I would love to have these moments forever, but it is impossible. Life comprises of fleeting moments, like water dripping from our hands. And we constantly change. What is precious now might not be precious later. 

What to do then? Live in the moment. Enjoy every experience. See things with curiosity and wonder. Life is too short to be unhappy, too large to not be enjoyed. Happy Monday, loves.

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