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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Blame Us For Achieving Things

The excerpt:
- Asian Student to Parents: People at middle school/grade school are saying I need to take this test prep class to get into a good high school, but it costs a lot of money, can I take it?

- Parents in response to question: Of course, we will find the money. (While, in their minds they are thinking: I have no idea how to find the money, but I can work more hours, pick up another job, or wear my beat up shoes for another year, it doesn't matter, this is more important, and I don't even need evidence from my kid to show that it will help.)

- Student back to parents: Okay, I can help pay for it too.

- Parents response: No, you just study.

Read the article that prompted the comments here, and read the full comment here

Hard work IS NOT being discriminating towards other people. Hard work DOES NOT "highlight" racial divide. The world is not an understanding place, and in order to make it in this world you have to show your best effort. The world does not care about your skin color, religion, nationality and such. You can get a job or make your own business, you may or may not got leverage from your family, but in the end what matter is your own effort, your own hard work. The world will not wait till you understand all its rules, it will not wait till you are familiar to all it has to offer.

It's discouraging to read things like this. I had to work hard to get a good school, and I remember my parents go [almost] broke to provide us with school fees and reading materials. It pays off. Yet here, people like me actually get criticized for "working hard". Or to be exact, the system was being criticized. It is hardly fair for people who cannot (or would not) spend the additional time of studying or investing in their child's education, but let's face it, life is never fair. Even if it's change into another test, there will be someone or a group of people who somehow aced it. And then what? Change the test again? Cry foul?

It is one thing to not able to get a job or decent education because of a certain characteristic of yourself (i.e skin color, race, religion, sexual view, etc). It is another thing to not able to get a job or decent education because other did better than you, and then blame the achiever. Stop being so racist guys.

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