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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Vast, Vast, Vast World

Have you heard about Transnistria, love?
Or the women waiting for customer on the edge of Polish's forest?
Do you still remember the bell tower in Piran?
And the cold majestic beauty of Prague?

The ancient beauty of Prambanan and Borobudur in Indonesia
The serene grace of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
The pointy stupas of Ayutthaya in Thailand
The shadowless Brihadeeswarar Temple in India

Enjoying the Sakura bloom in Japan
Celebrating Chinese new year in China
Drinking coffee in Vietnam
Looking at the world from Singapore flyer

And Africa, don't forget Africa!
And the cold Nordic countries of Europe!
Oh, and the warm countries in South America!
And yes, yes, the Pacific Island nations!

We are statuettes inside a snow globe
Protected from the world, protected from harm
Safe and sound till the day we die
But what do we really know about things?

Of bribe and trickery and lies and cutting the law
Of struggle to find clean water and nutritious food
Of the luxury of education and the privilege of dreams
Of the unknown future and the hardship of life

But love, what a life it was!
Each has a story to tell, a hardship to conquer
Each reminded us that our life is probably not that bad
Each spoke of the vast, vast world we have

INDOVISTA - one trip. two perspectives. from David Bertschinger Karg on Vimeo.

Too often we think how important our life is
Too often we think how miserable our life is
Too often we cuss and curse of the seemingly inequality in life
Too often we forget to live and simply enjoy it

Somewhere in this world, someone is sleeping at night
Somewhere in this world, someone is having breakfast
Somewhere in this world, someone is strolling out of work
Somewhere in this world, someone is making dinner

The world is so big, my love, so so so very big
You and I were merely a drop in the ocean
Let's stop being the citizen of our own little world
Let's start being the citizen of The World
The big, vast, beautiful world on the planet called earth
And enjoy it love, let's enjoy it!

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