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Friday, October 25, 2013

I Miss My Safe Land

I felt the cold metal pressing me from every direction
Round cylinders with quick death, ready to sprung
I found myself cowering in fear
And trembling with rage, pure hot rage

Where does my freedom go?
My sense of safety, my freedom to live
Death was a friend, an end that can't be missed
Yet here, it was casually dispensed

I felt the poison drowning me in my blood
And the smoke fill up my lungs
I found myself struggling to fight the drug effect
And have control, full control of myself

Where does my consciousness go?
My awareness and sharp reflexes, the soberness needed to live
Death was inevitable for those who lost control of themselves
Yet here, they happily go blind

I felt the demands crushing my existence
Trivial complaints and careless thoughts, ignorance all round
I found myself wanted to yell and shake them off
And made them see how big the world really is

Where does my patience go?
My respect for other human, the sense of kinship and good for mankind
Death would come, thus we need to make life counts
Yet here, everyone is alone even in numbers

I miss my safe land without guns
I miss my safe land without drugs
I miss my safe land without ignorance
I miss my safe land where I belong

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