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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bali, March 2013

I saw you walking confidently at the beach side mall
Cowboy hat and cowboy boots, boyish grin and twinkling eyes
Girls in shorts threw flirtatious glances at you; Ladies in fancy dresses eyed you approvingly
But that is not what I love you for.

I love you for your mischievous grin when we ordered ice cream
And how you tease me of being "Amateur!" in ice cream-eating
And sitting on the sand at the beach afterwards to star-gazing
I love you for all of these and more.

I saw you walking dignified with great sense of calmness at the Pura / Balinese praying temple)
The colorful Balinese cloth match perfectly with the white shirt, dazzling and beautiful
The priest smile and shook your hand and called you Gentleman, the women smile and adore you
But this is not what I love you for.

I love you for your interest in my culture and my religion and what I believe in
For opening your mind and willingness to understand how much it means to me
For eating Balinese snacks afterwards and then go grocery shopping just like a regular Balinese will do
I love you for all of these and more.

I saw you plunging gleefully in the pool at the waterfall with cowboy hat on like Indiana Jones
I saw you walking joyously at the local fair, dancing and laughing and making jokes
I saw you playing with the waves on the beach, looking thoroughly good and enticing
But this is not what I love you for.

I love you for having a good time with me no matter where we go
I love you for massaging me when I am driving, and hold me tight when it gets cold
I love you for keeping me safe in all our activities, and treated me like I am the only woman in the world
I  love you for all of these and more.

As we stand at the airport's departure gate panic consumes me
What if we forget to laugh and be happy when we are apart
What if you live your life and forget about me
What if you and I never see each other again

You saw the fear, reflected in your eyes and mine.
Yet you held me close and kiss me gently, and whisper: It won't be long now
Should I believe it? Dare I hope for it?
I held you closer and tighter, but no tears fell. Not this time.

In between our constant kisses and embraces
(and some more, sneaked through the security door with the guard pretending he didn't see anything)
I believe I will be with you again. I believe in you and me.
Because your good love is what I love you for, and so much, so very much more.

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