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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Venom in The Net

"Curtsey while you're thinking what to say, it saves time." Red Queen in Through The Looking Glass

I seriously wish people will do this. Not the actual curtsey by bowing and bending one's knees, but just be nice to others. And for heaven's sake to actually think before they post or say  things. I've had this sentiment for a while, but the comments from the news about Boston Explosion knock me out of wind. Almost all was saying about condolences and be strong and sympathetic in general, and almost all got quite a few thumbs down. Seriously? Expressing sympathy deserves thumbs down? What actually pleased these negativitist? (Yes, I made the word up, it comes from Negative Activist which is an person that is actively negative about things).

It is amazing how much hatred people can spit about something, regardless whether they are affected by it or not. Rape cases, Sandy Hook, as long as it is in the news there is no limit or restriction to comment on it. USA maybe the only country that stated right to free speech in their country policy, but in the internet it has always been "free speech" no matter what your nationality is. Not that people believe the right to free speech world wide, but simply because they know they can get away with it. Whoever bother suing the many troll commentators for their rude remarks? 

Yet that is the thing, we may have the right of free speech but we also have the right to not use it. Why? Because no one has the right to hurt others. Frankly put: if what you say is not beneficial to others and might even cause further grievance, you might want to strongly considering not saying anything at all. Example: you think a girl deserves to be raped during social drinking, what good will it be for saying it outloud in the comment field? Will it help the girl or other girls? Will it help the guys that did it or other future perpetrators? Will it caused grievance to others? These are the things one must think before posting or saying negative things. Just as you don't want a stranger punch you because he/she was unhappy about things he/she heard about you, you shouldn't hurt others just based on what you heard about them.

If you need to express your opinion, by all means do it. Just make sure you go classy and not trashy, and say it because you think your point of view is beneficial for the issue and not just pure malice. I do know there are people who crave attention and probably cackled happily when numbers of people replied in anger to their malicious comments. The joke is, their voice never counts. Whatever your comment or opinion is (even the piece I am currently writing) will be hidden amongst thousands, millions of comments and opinion in a matter of seconds. Then why bother saying something hurtful?

The world's biggest challenge right now is not global warming. It is lack of sympathy, and thus, lack of common justice. Little do we realize that we can and will be held accountable for things we say or do, because if our words attack us back we usually just blamed others. Will it be a great sacrifice to shut our mouth or at least think dilligently about other people's feeling before we post things? Many might say yes. But in reality, the "My comment about that issue is right and f*ck people that called me harsh or inconsiderate or got offended by the truth" attitude is unlikely going to make people rush to your side when you need help; nice and thoughtful attitude will. Which one will you choose?

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