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Monday, April 8, 2013

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I will be good
I will stop cussing at people
I will understand that each person is unique
And therefore has their own opinion
I will get that some are poorly trained
And will not get hurt by their sheer ignorance

When I grow up I will be kind
I will be ready to give helping hand
I will love and appreciate my surroundings
And be able to laugh and smile in any given time
I will stop living within the computer screen
And give real love, real laugh, real touch

When I grow up I will be brave
I will not make up excuses and hide from things
I will stood up for what is right
But not by mercilessly stomp on others
I will be courageous enough to admit my wrongs
And accept the consequences with head held high

When I grow up I will be wise
I will do what I have to, and take what I deserve
I will be dilligent with what I do
And be responsible for it
I will know when to say or do things
And also when to not say or do things

Night come, another day passed
Yet the 30 year old me still hasn't (fully) grown up
Living through Internet
Devising new calling for that unpleasant coworker
Making up excuses to myself for not completing my goals
And pout. And got scared. And be irresponsible.

But for every laughter I made (and feel happy about it)
For every potential mistake that I can identify (and make right)
For every happiness that I can give (and grief I can avoid)
For every good cause that I support (and dare to announce)
For every right that I do when it is much easier to do wrong
I will slowly grow up

Growing up is such a long process
But tomorrow is a new day
And cuddling under my blanket
I just know that the journey has not ended
Yet one day I will conclude it and will fully grow up
One day, one day...

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