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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Two Eagles

I love Indonesia. I love my country, my home land, and I believe it is the most wonderful place on earth. Other countries can brag higher income per capital or lower crime rate or a more advanced technology standard, but none can match the beauty, sheer wonder and raw richness of Indonesia. The seemingly uncivilized and corrupt officials are not to be proud of, I agree, but even so it is not enough to dimmed the lustrous shine of my homeland. That is why I am on the verge of tears when I saw in our wedding website my fiance has placed my country's eagle, the mighty Garuda, next to his famous Bald Eagle with a caption: Proud citizens of our countries.
To me, it was not just about logo placement. To me, it is his way to tell (and show!) how much he appreciate my country and thus, myself. Almost 68 years from our declaration of Independence, yet I still found foreigners who played land lord (in numerous field/line of work) and treat their Indonesian host/partner/employee as mere servants. It is such a relief to know the man I have chosen will treat me as equal, and both accept and appreciate my patriotism towards my country.
The decision to be with my fiance was both an easy yet difficult one. Easy because I know he is a wonderful man and we love each other very much, difficult because I know eventually I will have to leave my homeland to be with him. But now, I feel relieved. When the time comes for me to leave Indonesia and reside with him, I can be content and cherished my life  with the man who shared love and respect for my country, and knowing one day I will be home again in Indonesia with him. Thank you, my love...

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  1. baru sadar kalo posisinya sama hihihiii...
    satu lagi tambahin, burung rajawali logonya transjakarta yang bawa salak, kyknya posisinya mirip juga tuh


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