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Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I Love You

You encourage me to write
You read my writings. All of them. And loving them
You laughed at my silly jokes
And then you made funnier ones
You smiled lovingly when we talk
And held my hand tightly when we walk
You never seemed to mind if I talk too much
You kiss me before we go to bed
And when we woke up
And plenty more before we hit the bed again
You braid my hair gently
You caress my hair softly
You never mention the little scar I have on the tip of my nose
Nor the new one from my appendicitis surgery
You didnt seemed to notice my chubby tummy
And never at once mind that model-looking girl next to us on the beach
You ordered an extra large pizza for us
And then took me to get dessert
You ate those chicken talons I dare you to
And also the spicy fish soup (I know you think it's queer)
You look very good in praying outfit
It felt so comforting to pray with you
You never told me to wear heels
And forbid me to use makeup as possible
You looked at me with appreciation and delight for all the things I do for you
Even for little things like getting your favorite lime and salt
You told me you love me with such sincerity
It made my eyes watery and my heart jumps with glee
Your hugs made me feel safe and warm
Sleeping in your arms made me feel at home
You accept me for who I am
You love me for who I am
And for all those, my beloved
I love you so


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  2. When I'm with you time stops
    With you, the world metls away
    I float with you as if in a bubble
    You let me be myself
    You allow me to grow
    You allow me to express all my emtotions and don't make me feel ashamed
    You never make me feel ashamed
    You give
    and give
    and give
    Your nose is beautiful including the scar
    from the Angel that kissed you, found you sweet and took a bite
    Your appendectomy scar will remind me how scared I was and to never take
    you or our love for granted
    I love your eyes and what I see in them
    I LOVE your ability to clearly explain things to me
    despite English not being your primary language
    I think you are a genius and that is a huge turn on
    No, I seriously think you are a genius
    I love your spirituality
    You are beautiful
    You are fun to touch
    Your kind words turn me on more than your body
    ...but your body really really really turns me on
    so, go figure...
    Did I mention I love your breasts!!!! OMG!!!!
    I think it's hot that you can ride a scooter
    ...with a man on the back
    There was a model next to us on the beach!?
    Why didn't you tell me!? LOL
    You don't need makeup
    You complexion is amazing and your skin glows
    You are fun to cuddle with
    You make me feel like a king of men
    I think that's what a woman should do :) And you do it perfectly...
    Chicken talons are good... no biggie
    The soup was good too and much needed after our busy day
    To me, heels are lame, lol, but it'll be cute to get you in some
    and take you to bed in them ;) How about red?
    You are super sexy!!!
    I do love you with sincerity
    I look up to you
    My heart jumps also... higher
    I love your scent
    Your hugs make *me* feel safe and warm
    In your arms asleep or awake, I am at home
    You accept *me* for who I am
    You love *me* for who I am
    And for all those, plus much much more
    I love you so
    ...for instance, I kinda want to eat duran now
    only for you


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