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Friday, February 1, 2013

Chain, Lock, and Sedate

If I can chain you I would
With chain made from Silver and Moonlight
Long enough to let you wander
Short enough to know you are near

If I can lock you I would
With cage filled with furs and silk and velvet
Gold drapes and jeweled decor
To suit your loveliness and majesty

If I can sedate you I would
With scent of Exotic East and Lively West
With aroma from Serene North and Sumptuous South
And pacify you with wordly wonder

But I only have this love to chain you with
I only have the place called "home" to lock you with
I only have the smell of sweet garden flower and home made cooking to entice you with
And a fervent hope these will be enough to keep you forever

Because I want you to stay, my precious.
Because I need you.
Because I love you.


  1. dayuuuu ini bagus bangeeetttt... kau membuat ku menitikan air mataaaaa


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