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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Sunflower Soliloquy 

It is so dark in here, and so damp.
The ants said I will grow big and beautiful.
I do not believe them.
I'm covered in this filthy soil. Beauty is a laugh.
I have nourishment, and is enough.
An ignorable seed I was, an ignorable seed I will always be.

A streak of light.
It looks so warm and inviting, 
as it fell to the hole in the ground.
The worms said it will burn me.
But why not? Even for once?
Just a tendril, just a sprout.
My, what an adventurous seedling I've become!

Floods of light.
And warmth.
A barrage of feelings.
Ache from wanting.
Numb with joy and ecstacy.
My sun.
My golden sun.

More light. Unlimited love.
He basked me in his light, gently caressed my body.
He called the wind when I got too hot.
And the rain when I look thirsty.
He asked sister moon and stars to see me at night.
And I will sleep peacefully.
Dreaming of him till morning comes.

Growth. Unbelievable growth.
My petal opened as large as it can.
The better to soak his light.
My stem strengthened as hard as it can.
The better to stand gracefully in front of him.
My roots dig deep to the ground.
The better to stand strong by him in the midst of storm.

Admiration. Amazement. Appreciation.
Of how beautiful I am.
Of how graceful I look.
But they are merely passers-by.
None can claim me, none can own me.
Oh human fools, when will you learn to not want what is not yours?!

For my sun owns me. Body and soul.
I grew and bloomed from his love.
I grew and bloomed for his love.
My petals will forever facing him.
His light the reason why I live, and the reason for living.
My sun.
My beautiful golden sun.

Darkness no more.
Loneliness no more.
Only warmth and love.
And adventures to go embarked to,
And life to live through.
The joy of life! 
The sweet wonderful world!

And my sun will be with me all the way.
As I will be with him all the way.
One will say, "I do believe the sunflower loves the sun.
She always look at him so loyal and lovingly!"
The other will say, "Nay, it is he that loves her!
Can't you see how bright and beautiful he made her?"
And they are both right.

Praised the day when we first met.
Gloried the days when we are together.
Blessed the love you keep giving me.
Cherished my love that flows freely for you.
My love.
My precious.
My beautiful golden sun.

*Note: sunflower image is taken from wikipedia commons.

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  1. kayaknya destiny lo emang ulis poem begini wkwkwkwkwk


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