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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parent’s Love, Child’s Bane

"May I have a little more, Mama?" the little boy said
"Of course my love!" she said affectionately
And instead of using his little plate
She handed him a bigger plate
"Only the best for my little boy!"

"I want more, Mama." the teenage boy said
"Of course my dearest!" she said lovingly
And instead of using his plate
She laden it on a tray
"Only the finest for my little boy!"

"You ruin the boy!" her friends said, "Such poor boy!"
But they were just jealous for her deep love
(And her ability to give her beloved so much!
And her boy is so fine, despite the lies they tell
Pshaw! Always the drama!

"More, Mama! More!!" the man scream
His face haggard and bloated, his eyes bloodshot red
Trays and trays were presented, but still he screams for more
"Do you hear him, servant?! More!!" She fervently order
"Everything for my little boy! And more!"

One day he called and scream and yelled, but his mama was no more
He drag himself to the brink of the world, and watched
Dazed by its wonder
Frighten by its harshness
In love by its beauty

He threw himself in it with greed, deemed to enjoy it as always
But it sucks him fast, drowning him, taking him
And he surrender without effort, helpless against the world
As the darkness taking over him he cried his last words
"Oh Mama, what have you done?!"

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