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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Night at La Lucciola

There was something that night at La Lucciola. I would've dearly blame glasses of wine I drank or other quite classy excuses, but alas I only drank a bottle of bear, clearly not enough to make me "influenced".
I was never the one to hit such fancy places for dining. My trade is local joints where I can relax and get loose of my self, or fast-food kind of place where I can grab a meal and run like crazy to my latest appointment (which can range from meeting with clients to sunset seclusion over the beach). The idea of dining in a place where rules apply is somewhat frightening for a carefree beast such myself, but alas, the promise of delightful delicacies and a new dining experience won me over, and off I went with the media team and AirAsia HSBC team after their delightful bike tour.

We have come there in the magical sunset hour, the lights and candles are newly lit but the last remnants of sun light still painted the sky with beautiful orange colors. The wooden bridge in which we use to pass to the restaurant creaks delightfully as we pass. As we sat in our table, the view of neatly manicured lawn which ends in small stretching mound greet us, and afar you can see the ocean waves crashing. Not too near that we were bothered with the wind and sounds of waves, but no too distanced that we can't see a thing. It was perfect. And all a while the soft fragrance of tuberose which placed neatly in our napkins and around the candles on the table (which were protectively covered by banana trunk, thinly sliced and shaped into a cylinder) tantalize our olfactory sense; and the music played tantalize our auditory sense.

For some, this restaurant might not attract them. Yet for a sensualist like me, it was a very pleasurable experience. All my senses were invoked, triggered. The candle lighting leaves everything warm and hazy, the ocean breeze makes its perfect companion; the tuberose fragrance muddled with my brain, and when the food came their aroma overpowered me as well; and the food was perfectly made: such creamy mashed potato with delicious pork tenderloin and currant sauce, and with garlic cooked whole which add a burst of flavor in my mouth, deliciously sweet and only a bit garlicky; the music plays ever so cozy; all the while with the waiter move silently to fill in our glasses and assist us. I lean a little bit closer than I should to the man next to me, listening intently to his lengthy explanation about travel writing (I am indeed interested, but in normal condition certainly I can do it in a more civilized way. Or at least I think so. Okay, I hope so. Happy?) When we walk out of the restaurant and await our car, the spell broke.
People may have other opinion about dining here (or places like this), but for me it was a really delightful experience. If you wish to dine here, apart from choosing the right clothes (as it was quite a well-known place) and preparing a hefty budget (as it was definitely not cheap), I'd recommend to carefully choose who you're dining with. As one reviewer wrote in BaliEats: Just be careful who you take as your guest, or you may finish up by proposing marriage over coffee. But then again if that is your actually intention, by all means go get 'em tiger.

- Tons of thanks to Triski Nurani for allowing me use her beautiful photos!
- Also for everyone at the dinner, for not professing undying love to each other over dinner. That would be awkward.
- Most importantly, to the team of AirAsia HSBC for the treat. Such a delightful event indeed!!

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