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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sensualist

“There’s no way to cheat a sensualist like me, somebody who can die laughing for hours over the pattern of the carpet in a hotel lobby.” Memnoch the Devil – Anne Rice

And you know what, Lestat is right. For sensualists, everything in this world is beautiful, interesting and invigorating. Every details count. God gave us five senses, and what more suitable than to use them to the limit?

The smell of the grass after the rain, the texture of ancient wooden door, the vibrant color of freshly bloomed flower, the soft sounds of breezing wind, the delightful taste of honey.

The humming sounds of elevator as it takes us up and beyond, the smell of leather sofa, the gleaming silver from polished chrome, the sharp edge of papers and documents, the deliciousness of wine.

The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread, the sounds of pan and pots against the stove, the warmth of children in your arms, the taste of candy bar mixed with chocolate, the texture and details of a gingerbread man.

The feel of your lover’s hair through your fingers, the smooth soap aroma after his/her bath, the coolness of his/her skin, the soft sigh when you embrace your lover close, the intoxicating kiss.

So many things are laid open by God, for us to enjoy and appreciate not only with our senses, but also with our minds. Caught up with the monotony of the so-called civilized world, it takes Lestat, the sensualist brat prince, to remind me these things. Humans can be dull, but life… Ah, life is never dull, isn’t it?

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