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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend was married last week. And I’m so happy forher. I envy her too, but that’s another story.

We went to the same college and attend almost the same classas well, but it takes us 3-4 years to get acquainted with each other. I thinkshe’s a vicious “It Girl” that uses her looks to manipulate people; she thinksI’m the thoughtless beast that stamps on people for my pleasure. How wrong we bothare. Over the days and months to follow, our “acquaintance” turns into a much closerrelationships. Secrets are being told, sleepovers become a regular, and laughterand tears comes on daily basis. It doesn’t take long to realize how dependent Iam to her, how delightful it is to have her near me.

Due to her quiet nature, countless of times I wonder whethershe really cares about me. But on times where I need her most, she was alwaysthere for me. She wasn’t the one to calm you up or run to the rescue, in factonce when I was crying over my boyfriend she began to cry too and said shehates to see me broke down like that, that I’m a much better person than that.I stop crying instantly. A selfish girl? Not at all, that’s how she shows heraffection to me. No unnecessary kind words which we don’t believe, no falsehope that we both loath, we speak with each other with utter bluntness, and werejoice in that.

If you see her, you would think she’s an innocent littlegirl, dying to be rescued and protected. She’s not. To me she is always thelittle girl, though crying bitterly with her every step along the harsh andtreacherous road she needs  to gothrough, still walks along that damned road and will eventually get there tothe end. And it takes strength to do all that. Me? I’ll simply run through thatdamn road, better bled to death quickly than enduring a slow agonizing ordealsuch that. That’s why even though both our college life is hellish and both ourlove relationship is somewhat “tragedy-certified”, she’s the only one of usthat become both a doctor and a Mrs. to somebody she loved dearly. I couldn’tbe more proud of her.

I envy her for her strength to endure such ordeal, for thefeat that she accomplished. That is why I sincerely grateful that to news of herwedding come to me at such a perfect time, when I was all flushed out withexcitement after a surprise rafting trip. If I receive it on the peak of myboredom and utter worries of being single and almost 30, no doubt I’d be a morethan little suicidal. But that’s her life, that’s her feat, and I’m so happyfor her. Though long and difficult the road winds, I believe she will make it.She’s living the life that I wish years ago, a picture of happily marrieddoctor, a life that I will never have. What’s left for me is living the best ofthe life that she’ll never had: a carefree and adventurous life, with allpossible pleasure life gets to offer. We both gonna make it really good. Congratulationsdearest, I love you J

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