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Friday, June 11, 2010

Who am I?

The passion and impulsiveness of Lestat
The curiosity and eagerness of Alice
The faith of Sara Crewe
The lust and love of Ramses the Damned
The criminal yet sincere mind of Artemis
The bright and open-minded of Doraemon
The complex philosophy of Yuko
The obedience of Watson
The valour of Hastings
The honour of Greek Gods
The grandeur of Hindian Gods
The childishness of Tinkerbell
The endurance of Hobbit
The ambition of Nathaniel
The wittiness of Bartimaeus
The darkness of Hannibal
The vanity of Dorian Grey
And I walk through the beauty of Prague
Through the foggy mist of London
Through the wretched Grimpen Mire
Through the sands of Egypt
Through the primitive land of Jurrasic park
Through the untouchable land of Sumatra
Through the beauty of Rivendell
Who am I?
I am what I read.

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