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Thursday, June 3, 2010

To my Angels (and Archangels)

Isn't it a beauty? Song of the Angels by Bouguereau is a beautiful image which depicts Mary seated on a bench holding the infant Jesus with three angels looking on. Two of the angels are playing musical instruments. The picture not only strikes me for being incredibly beautiful and lifelike, but it is also remind me of what life has been. Haven't we always been like that? The Lord hold us close while His/Her angels guard us dearly.

In my life, I have ups and downs. It never easy when you were down, and sometimes, I do got trapped in the sorrow and negative feeling, thinking that all has abandoned me. Whoever hadn't that experience? I think everybody does. Nevertheless, as I grow I realize, I have never really been at the bottom of the pit. I was always saved, caught, protected, so I never reach rock bottoms.

People that converse with me and made me happy, they are angels that Lord have send for me. Strangers that smiled at me and comfort me, they are angels as well. Everywhere I go, I met Angels that help me to be better, angels that help me from self destruction. Lest forget my Archangels, angels that I definitely know that they are specially send by Lord for me, and only for me. For they have never leave my side, and with them I can always find comfort and calmness even at the worst of storm.

If you ever done good deed to someone, if you ever be a comfort to someone, if you ever become Lord's helper and messenger (even if you didn't realize it), then you are an Angel. Whether you are a stranger, a friend, a lover, anything, as long as you have done the above, you are one of the angels. And for them, both angels and archangels, this article is written. Thank you. For everything.

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