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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's Get Drunk With Love

Let's get drunk with love
Let's let loose in love
Intoxicating, psychedelic,
Out-of-this-world love

Each kiss is a tender tease
Each sweeter than the rest
Maddening, addicting,
Once-in-a-lifetime kisses

Each embrace is a sensual tantalize
Each brings us closer than before
Heartening, disarming,
Melt-in-your-arms embraces

Each word is a sincere promise
Each truer than the others
Assuring, exhilarating
Words-of-forever whispers

And who cares if it doesn't last forever
Who cares if it's just a dream
Who cares if you are merely fantasy
And I am your flight of fancy

Come dance with me tonight
Under the moonlight
Under the chandelier
Among candles of our devotion

Come stroll with me today
Through the city's jungle
Through the village path
Down in sandy beaches and grassy hills

Come laugh with me for now
Stolen kisses and fancy giggles
Tender glances and pretty lies
Fingers entwined, hearts fulfilled

Tomorrow we'll be over
Tomorrow we'll be strangers
Tomorrow we'll be alone
Tomorrow we'll be gone

But today is not tomorrow
And here I am with a smile
Here I am with a promise
Here I am, for you

Let me be yours for the day
Let you be mine for the day
And when the clock strikes 12
We shall be ourselves once again

But now let's dance and laugh
Let's kiss and embrace
Let's be hopelessly lost in each other
Let's found ourselves in each other

Let's get drunk with this love
The purest one you'll ever get
Let's get high with this love
The loveliest one you'll ever have

Let's be in love
Let's be in love
Let's be in love
Let's be in love

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