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Monday, February 20, 2017

Dear Future Partner

Dear future partner, please don't show up yet.

I know I said I dream of wearing white again
To shiver with anticipation beneath your loving gaze
Spending nights in your warm embrace
Completing my life with your passionate love

But no, don't come just yet

The night of my life has just begun
And the clock won't strike 12 anytime soon
My glass slippers still going on strong
And who needs pumpkin carriage when you got Uber

So please, wait patiently

I promise you a lifetime of kisses and hugs
Innumerable 'I love you', both said and unsaid
I will make you a king and lift you high
And I will be yours, forever more

I want you, but just not now

Let me flutter among theaters and concerts
Let me dance in the ballroom and out on the streets
Let me laugh and flirt in opera houses and game houses
Let me roam the city, wild and free

It'll be fun to do it together, but not now

We shall have the fun together, I promise you
High and above looking classy and fancy
Low and beyond doing things we secretly like
Whatever we do, I promise you fun and companionship

Understand this, and let me be me for now

The night called me, full with promises of gaiety
The day beckoned me, each is an adventure
My tired shoes are worn from walking
But oh how fun life could be!

I want you, dear lover, so please be patient

I will hold your hands soon, and kiss you gently
You will be safe in my arms, fully loved
My life will be complete, and so will yours
Because I love like nobody else can love :)

And yes, I'm worth the wait.

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