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Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello World

Hello world, I see you've been crying. Your tears are all over my jeans and seeped in my socks, and had it not for the parka I wore I would've been drenched all over. I know you are sad, I do too. Let's cry together, you and me.

It has been like one bad news after another, is it not? One ignorance after the other. Several thousand years of civilization and we human still behaving unruly, so far from what we should have been. I understand your frustration. You've been here way longer than any of us, you've pretty much seen it all.

I can try to soothe you with pretty words, of how beautiful and amazing you are. I can go at length to talk about the goodness of your people. But sometimes we don't need pretty words. Sometimes we just need to let ourselves go, to be angry and sad and frustrated. It's ok, love, it's ok.

The air I breathe is filled with fear and insecurities, with doubts and greed. I know we both wonder, as you pretty much designed it to be filled with oxygen and peace. Instead of sweet lovers' quarrels, you got vindictive arguments dripped with malice. Instead of the children's laughter, you have to hear them crying for their life. It's hard, I know.

Do you ever wonder like I do? Whether this too shall pass or will it be just a repeated performance in other parts of the world? I've been brave and strong, but recently it feels like cutting down the tree with a swiss knife, that I barely make a dent in the situation. Do you feel the same thing?

I know neither of us can back away. Me because I choose to, you because, well, you're the world. We have no option to just called it a day, or better, toss everything in the air and said "F this sh*t". And because we believe in the future. We believe in the human. At least I do.

You see world, Michael Crichton wrote the most perfect thing ever: "Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves." Isn't that beautiful? Even if we human manage to kill ourselves to extinction, other living beings will still be alive and thrive. You are not in danger, we human are.

And what do we do instead? Making more wars, feeding our greed, embolden our ego. No wonder you weep in despair. I do too. The difference is I weep in frustration and discomfort, you weep for what we could've been: the true master of the universe, the ones who can make you, the world, such a better place to live. Nope. We choose to be nasty and ignorant.

I've seen you watching us, world. I've seen you pray many a times for us to find peace in ourselves. What set us aside from animals is our ability to bounce back from any kind of situation A.K.A our resilience. Danger does not tame us, it strengthen us instead and in record time too. No other creatures on earth can claim that. What we could achieve had we put our mind into it. Heaven on earth won't even be that far-fetched.

But here we are, still very far from that goal. Our cups are still somewhat full with ourselves, when we should've drained it and make it empty. We tried to help you through many clumsy ways that we ended up hurting others, and thus, hurting you even more. You cried in frustration, you cried for your children, us the human. It's ok world, it's ok.

We shouldn't hate. We shouldn't greed. We shouldn't hurt. We should've been better. Yet we're not. Not yet. You can cry as much as you want, world. You deserve it. We haven't been good to you, and we did not live up to your expectation much. You get the pass to cry. 

And when you are done crying, you can cry some more. You can rest your head on my shoulder or ask for a big hug. I might be infinitesimal compared to you, but what I have is yours. I feel your sadness, your frustration, your pain. No world, you are not alone. You have me. You have us. And we love you So. Damn. Much.

We love you, world. Let us hang with you a bit more, 'kay? And thank you, for everything.

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