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Monday, February 27, 2017

Goodnight Facebook

Goodnight Facebook
I'll see you again tomorrow
(Or maybe at 3 am when bathroom calls
And Whatsapp messages blowing up my phone)

Glad to see not so many nasty news today
(Then again, I slept all day)
Either your algorithm work or people chill a bit
(I wish it was the later, not the first)

Glad to see not so many 'Positive words' too
The only thing I want to see positive
Is when I positively won the lottery
Word helps for some, but hard cold cash is not that bad

Glad to see not so many hoax news too
Or opinion masqueraded as news
(Maybe it has something to do with me reporting them
Stay vigilant. Stay vigilant. Stay vigilant)

People whine about you, blaming you for things
But you are cool. And you really help.
In a far away land I feel not so alone
And yes, I do learn a lot from you

I learn how to cook delicious stuff
I read interesting articles and entertaining memes
I know what's happening in other part of the world
And able to zeroed in on a-holes and trolls and other unsavory character

(Which, by the way, a REALLY useful skill
You can really tell a person from how he/she speaks
And since most people don't have filter in virtual world
Hello....true self)

I will put my phone down and go to sleep
(Most likely will browse something first
I mean, it's not like I have a life or anything)
And I guess I will see you again tomorrow

You're my sweetest addiction
My most useful temptation
My downfall and my muse
And yes, I need you so

Goodnight Facebook
Goodnight Facebook people
All you haters and lovers and fan and stalkers
And those of you that didn't really care

Sweet dream, giant machine of algorithm
Night night, complicated AI
Happy working, Facebook worker
Thanks for being in (and helping) my life

11:07 pm, Feb 26, 2017

1 comment:

  1. Good night facebook.. Thank you for showing me who my husband really is and who that bitch is

    And good night dear,

    You are precious


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