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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Freeway

Taking over a car
Accelerating again
Trees past by me
Bushes ran through
Landscape changing
Some cars found their exit
But I haven't found mine
And on and on I drove
Looking for my exit

Night came
Then the sun rise
From the fleck of ray in the dark 
To the bright ball of fire in the sky
Then darkness come again
How long has it been
Days Weeks Years
I kept my eyes on the road
Wishing it would end soon
And on and on I drove
Looking for my exit

I pulled over on a ramp
Banging my fist to my steering wheel
The exit after this one
The exit after this one
But that exit never came
And these fools keep driving
For an end they cannot achieve
For the hunger they cannot satiate
For the race they cannot win
And I don't want to drive anymore
I don't want to look for my exit anymore

Then she passed
Speed easily on the free way
Unconcerned with the exits
I could stay in the ramp forever
Or I can go after her
I turn my car on
And accelerate
My feet on the gas
My mind on her
And on and on I drove
Looking for the woman

Till this day I am still driving
But I will never forget that day
When our cars finally aligned
She looked at me quizically
I rolled down my window
And dared myself to ask:
Where to?
She smiled and answer:
Anywhere you want to
And on and on I drove
Along with my woman

I will find my exit one day
I will find the end of this misery
But was it a misery when I can enjoy it?
Or was it a great big adventure?

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