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Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm sorry. But I hate you. A lot.

I hate you. I hate all of you.

Sometimes I just don't understand why you come tromping down like bunch of trolls to my country, and bitch about us afterwards as you did here. Sure, we're not perfect; sure, we're a developing country; sure, we're a bit backward on so-called-proper (western) civilization; heck, like it matters?

Have you ever stop to think that those cringe hotels and hawkers and pushy transportation were there exactly because you supply them with demands? Have you ever try to even ask your boarding/accommodation whether they have the proper permit to build there and run the business? Why call us corrupt when you gleefully take advantage of our corruption (and by the way, what did you call Maddoff then? Ha ha)? Why cursing our corrupt police men for nailing you with traffic ticket and drugs, when we are in danger of even more severe penalty for that "simple" offense in your home country?

I revise my statement. I hate you if you come here just to be a bitch in my land (men included). I welcome you as a civilized guest though, one that manage to be polite the entire time they are visiting, and even after. You don't want someone to come and bitch at your house, why do it in ours? Think I'm alone in this? Hell no. Read it here, uncivilized guests are a disgrace to their own kin. My friend from South Africa shudder in disgust when he got a pat in the back with a drunken guy, which said to him, "Hullo, mate!".

He and his wife treat me equal, treat me like a human being, and I am very much looking forward for their annual visit. If you are not capable to treat people on the country you're visiting humanely and equally, if you are not capable to honor and respect the country your visiting (and regard it as someone else's home), then by all means stay in your country. You're just not civilized enough to see the world.


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