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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mind your Business, Mr. Save The Earth, Sir.
"Greenpeace on Friday accused Indonesia of waging a vendetta against the environmental group, after the head of its British branch was denied entry to Jakarta to campaign against deforestation.
In recent years, Greenpeace has run several campaigns against Indonesia-based Sinar Mas, a privately owned paper and palm oil giant which environmental groups accuse of illegally logging swathes of carbon-rich and biodiverse forests.
Greenpeace campaigns have seen the likes of Unilever, Kraft, Burger King and Barbie maker Mattel cut supply chains from Sinar Mas companies, including Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the world's largest paper makers."
Remind me again why this "brutal" Sinar Mas Group is doing so many deforestation? Oh right, to supply palm oil for s0-called western-standard products which were then being distributed and heavily advertised to poor under-develop or undeveloped countries as a "you-are-not-civilized-if-you-do-not-use-this-product". You know, items like lab-prepared burgers, cheesy snacks, dolls that makes you wish you lost a few ribs to look like her, all the essential items in life. You know, countries like Indonesia. Oh wait, isn't that the country which the people and "Sinar Mas" savagely deforested their ancient forest and which Greenpeace comes to rescue? Such twisted delight.
Yeah, I confess I may have a grudge towards the organization ever since their fundraiser haggles me for funds. Appreciate that what's fundraiser do, but it leaves a bitter taste as she somehow makes me think that I'm not saving the world by not donating for the group. I did try to, as a matter of fact, in my own way. And now this news makes me even more bitter.
Thank you for trying to save the world, oh great organization. But how about cleaning up your backyard's first before you harass other people's patio? As I pointed out above, we're (the so-called-undeveloped-countries) are merely the supplier. The world hasn't change, the slavery is still live and thriving; back then we got measly food but no salary, now we have salary enough only to buy that measly food. Back then we are forced to destroy our forest for sugar-cane plantation, now we are forced to destroy our forest for palm plantation you so hate about. The old ways of living in Indonesia does not need that many sugar cane, nor that many palm oil. You asked us to.
At this point I know someone would argue, "The Indonesian should know the danger of global warming, Indonesian should take action!". You know, NO Indonesian (or any right-mind person) interested in destroying the forest. The locals love the forest so. And beside, we have better things to do. Yes, we're doing it for the money, but before you argue I would love dearly to see other organizations that fights back deforestation to be in our shoe. Our so-called uncivilized people earn money from it. Not ridiculous amount of money that literally makes you able to swim in it like Scrooge McDuck, but only enough to make ends meet and prevent death from hunger. The ones that made real money are our corporate dudes, not unlike your own corporate dudes which you were so busy protesting now in Wall Street. I have strong suspicion that they are related, perhaps even tied by blood. Our sweat and blood, that is. Go haggle them instead. It's so easy to talk and shout and condemn people for not taking action when you don't have 5, 6 hungry children plus a malnourished wife you love so dearly waiting for your to bring some food home.
Get this. You want to save the planet, you go and negotiates with the consumers instead of go haggling the suppliers. Demand stops, supply stops. Simple and clear. It's not fair that you force us to leave (perhaps) the only way for us to make money, just because several million or so "educated people" can't live a day without their daily dose of burgers. Facts that un(der)developed countries are the biggest consumer? Well yeah, you kinda force feed us. Just like a toddler that has absolutely no clues of the "joy" of junk food, until their parents give it to them (or keep feeding them,to be exact). Junk food makes toddler happy and parents' doesn't need to cook, your items makes us happy and make loads of money for the sales. We've been free for 66 years, Developed countries such as USA have been free for 300-something years. Guess who's the parents.
By the way, have you tried browsing our traditional way of life? Just like the oh-so-precious yoga you'll find them environmentally friendly, sustainable, dirt cheap, and overall awesome. The famous Rendang, for instance, is made by beef but we only ate very little per portion compared to the heavy steaks or even deluxe burgers people so fond of wolfing down. Any prestige on chowing down a piece of rendang? Nope. Any prestige on sporting a massive submarine? Hell yeah. Instead of chaining your self to a tree or chasing down a whale boat you might want to stop and ponder on the marvel of traditional way of life. You might want to focus on advertising the goodness of the traditional way of life. You might want to, you know, perhaps (and a very big perhaps it is), think of what our people should do to make ends meet other than destroying the forest for some measly cents. And then, perhaps, we might save the world.

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