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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Indonesian Rice-Flour Dumplings a.k.a Kelepon!

Feel the texture of the banana leaves, and smell the fresh fragrance...
The triangle package is almost so tempting to break open, but you got to do it properly.
Like opening a package from your loved ones.. Slowly and whole-heartedly...

Pull the small stick that sealed the leaves together and voila... Kelepon!

Call me insane, but this Indonesian snack has always been my favorite. Kelepon, a.k.a rice flour dumplings with melted palm sugar center and finely shredded coconut topping. Yumm yumm yumm...! The first bite is chewy, and then the palm sugar burst in your mouth, with the coconut shreds for texture. So goody goody goody! Who needs English scones when you have these for tea??

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