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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Impossible: Kutuh Beach

My friends from SA told me they're going to Koh Samui on their next holiday. It was really tempting, all the white sands and such, but I just found a better option: The impossible - Kutuh Beach. Why nick named impossible? Because it's rather impossible to get there (the road was quite a challenge!) and because it's simply impossible to forget...

Recommending a place to someone is always tricky. You'll never know whether it suits their taste or not. My heart went galloping all the way to this beach because it is really far from where we start. Thankfully my friend brace it like a gentleman should and didn't complain a bit for the whole one and a half hour drive (told you that was far!).But it sure paid off, when we're coming round the last bend through the carved hills and saw the beautiful Hindian Ocean spread above the cliff, it worth all the heat and back pain.

I must say that the beach have change a bit since the last time I went here, and now it has been touched by civilization. There are new villas development here and there, and a concrete sidewalk almost along the beach. Hate the villas, but the sidewalk enables us to drive our motorcycle right to the end of the accessible beach and enjoy the (almost) virgin view. No tourist, just us in our "ndeso"/village outfit and a couple of seaweed farmers. It's a real bliss.

My friend the adventurer quickly found a spot between the huge rocks where we can squeeze ourselves in to access another hidden beach. See the rock at the end of the beach on the picture above? There it is. I wouldn't dare to do so on my own, but I got my pride at stake that day, so off I go, jeans and all LOL.

And we found paradise.

The small opening on the rocks (left hand side) is where we enter. The hidden beach has everything you need: a semi-cave to shelter from the sun, jutting rocks to hang and dry your clothes (my jacket got all wet!), and best of all: no one else. Just you and the amazing view of the ocean.

We're just stoked. Eating our picnic snacks (soda and chips), smoking, talking a bit, but in the end we just silently stares at the huge ocean. The huge beautiful ocean. The water was nice too. It got dead seaweed floating, but it's still WAY cleaner than the other beaches which is full with plactic rubbish and other stuff you don't want to think about. Anyway, seaweeds not rubbish, it's quite natural ;).

There are several adjoining beach that can (almost) be access by squeezing through (a much) narrower and (definitely more) challenging path through the rocks, and we also explore there to gather sea shells (so childish, but it's fun!). There are several tracks that looks like snake's track and wild dogs footprints, so best beware.

It was so beautiful we were very reluctant to leave, but the tide's coming and there aren't any other choice. The path between the rocks that we came through was fast swallowed by the tide, and the waves splashing all over our clothes (and my previously dry jacket). It was quite perilous, so make sure that you bring a companion with you, and notably a dependable one.

I still dreamed about that beach for days to come. If you are ever in Bali, make sure to visit it. And visit it quick, before it is swallowed by the commercialism and villas developments, flocked by tourist and lost it's virginity. If you're there, please makesure you bring your rubbish home. Keep it clean, and keep it virgin :)


  1. woww...woww...wowww... can people swim there?

  2. Yup. most definitely can. I took a dip myself, can't resist the temptation!


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