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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks, Love to Have You as My Client!

One of our clients has recently post photos of their wedding on her Facebook, and diligently put our company's name in all the caption. It's not an easy task, mind you, as she post more than 100 pictures that we took on her wedding. And I can't thank her enough for that.

Though it may look simple (a caption of our company's name in their photos/videos; a short post about us in Twitter/Facebook/any social media/forum that they could think of), their acknowledgement matters. In the era where it is easier to write bad reviews and/or comments than writing some short but nice comments (when did the last time you write a nice note for your hairdresser? Besides, harsh reviews gets more attention, right?), in the time period where you were expected to be treated nicely (and why not, you pay loads for it!), we sometimes forget that a simple thanks means a lot.

What does the "thanks" and "kind words" means to me? It means I'm doing a good job, it means I did not work for nothing. Sure, I got paid for what I did. But knowing my work has not gone unnoticed give me even more satisfaction and pleasure. It gives me a reason to live and enjoy my (work) life to the fullest. But the snowball does not stops there.

In our little company we are expected to work and think as a team. This means when a client acknowledge our work, they also acknowledge the sales that assist them, the crew that give their service on the wedding day, the production department that assembled products that they order, even the driver that deliver their final products promptly. So what you may think as a simple note of thanks, a meager or unimportant mention of our work, it actually means a whole lot more as it affect so many people.

Of course, some might think our work is indeed mediocre (or plain lame) and choose not to give comments at all. It's completely their choice. But for those of you that have acknowledge our work (or anybody's work: your supermarket cashier, your taxi driver, all the people you met and assist you - I believe "thanks" should be universal), be it through written or verbal means, through countless recommendation or just a simple mentioning, this article is written. Thank you for letting us know our work is not done in vain, thank you for giving us reason to work harder and be proud of what we do. Thank you for acknowledging us.


  1. Then, thanks for writing this short but inspirating post.. :)

  2. thank you for visiting and giving nice comment Andri, your blog is inspiring as well!thank you for visiting and giving nice comment Andri, your blog is inspiring as well!

  3. sorry dah lama ga maen ke blog lu... template nya baru ya? yg ini lebih enak di baca nya drpd yg hitam kmrn heheeee


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