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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Ifs

The beauty danced and smiled
Yet frozen inside
"What if he knew I am poor
And doesn't even have a gown of my own?
Let alone the glass slipper
Or the ashes that I have to clean?"

The sweetheart lowered her eyes shyly
Yet gripped inside
"What if he learned of my scaly legs
That I can't partake of seafood dine
Or that I don't know human manners
Because I am not even one?"

The alluring tilted her head innocently
Yet crushed inside
"What if he realized my fear for human
And for everything else under the sun
Which is why I am so pale
That I am no beauty, just a coward?"

The lovely blinked her eyes beautifully
Yet nauseated inside
"What if he found out about my depression
So crippling I can't force myself to work
Motivation and ambition means nothing to me
Caught in it too deep I resort to sleep?"

The enchanting giggles behind her book
Yet horrified inside
"What if he found out my low self-esteem
Thus my books and my loneliness
That I am a reject of the society
And I am absolutely nobody?"

The fairytale continues
And happily ever after is guaranteed
But states of mind are untold
Restlessness inside is unspoken
A thousand "I love you" is possible
But a million "What if" is definite

The true fairy tale is to live without the "What if"
Find the perfect setting
Find the perfect character
Slay the Monster of Doubt
Then live happily ever after
The end.

But who has such luck?
Who has such strength?
Life is not a 10-page storybook
So here we are with our "what if"
Looking for the closure and acceptance
Looking for the happily ever after

For every "What if" we need someone
Who smile and say "It's alright"
For every "But, really, what if" we need someone
Who holds our hand and say "It's ok"
For every "No, you don't understand. What if?" we need someone
Who look into our eyes and calmly say, "I am here."

That would be my fairy tale
That would be my happily ever after
Because doubt is a thousand-headed Hydra
You chopped off one and another one sprung
Till it renders you cripple
Till it eats you alive

Stay with me and have faith in me
And remind me to have faith in myself
Be the lighthouse of my stormy life
Be the anchor that tied me safe in your harbor
This is my fairytale
This is my happily ever after

Till then I will dance with the beauty
I will swim with the sweetheart
I will stay inside with the alluring
I will cuddle with the lovely
I will read with the enchanting
And together we'll say to each other, "But what if..?"

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