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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let There Be Hope

When there is life, there is hope
When there is hope, there is dream
When there is dream, there is a reason to live
And on and on the cycle goes

The little worm peeking out of the ground
The tiny leaf rolled out from a branch
The sound of a cat, a dog, a bird
The first smile you see this morning

The world is alive in many ways
The world is beautiful in many ways
The world is a miracle in many ways
The world is yours, and you are the world

Every breath we take is a miracle
This creation of flesh and bones
Of cells and organs
Of hopes and dreams

Hope is made from trust
Hope is made from faith
Hope is made from desire for happiness
And in life we found hope

The storm will pass, we have faith in that
The storm will not take us down, we trust ourselves for that
There will be sun and joy after the storm, we wanted that
And we are alive, thus we hope

Of every glittering green of plants
Of every glittering gold of sands
Of every glittering blue of water
We found hope, we found solace

For the world is alive
And the world is hopeful
We too are alive
And we are entitled to hope

Close your eyes and feel the world
Close your eyes and think
With your trust, with your faith, with your desire for happiness
Then open your eyes and see the new hopeful world

Let your soul fly like a bird in this limited container
Let it sing in joy and dance in love
Let you believe in yourself and your beautiful soul
Let you reeled in the power of hope

Be alive, my dearest, be alive
Be brave and courageous against things you can't control
Be persistent on seeing the beauty of this world
And let there be hope, once more

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