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Monday, June 13, 2016

Heaven in Us

Life is sad and full of pain. Whenever I see angry people on the internet 'screaming' and seething with anger, spewing threats and vile words I feel sorry for them. Whenever people say violent things should be done to this and that because of what they believe I feel sorry for them. I feel scared and angry too, and a lot of times their negative emotion swept me away. Yet in the end I feel sorry for them.

Imagine a life so rotten and wretched inside, imagine a mind full of vile and negative thoughts, wouldn't you feel sorry for that? And it is incurable. The only cure is hidden within ourselves, yet how can we get it if our minds and hearts clouded and murky with such thoughts? It's like seeing a gangren with all the pus and rottenness but you know it is beyond healing, and since no amputee consent is given you can only see it rot away. Won't you feel sorry?

Some people believe of what they believe, and manage to find peace of mind. Some people use their belief to justify the demon inside them, and let it loose to the world. These people are eaten alive by their demons, and live a half life of neither dead or alive, and forever walk the earth tormented like a zombie. This is no life fit for a human. Human's life should be filled with laughter and joy and understanding, with curiosity and love and passion. Yet if even once we are drawn into that negative, hateful existence we are most likely to linger there like a piece of log being drawn to the whirlpool.

A human's heart should mimic the piece of heaven we all yearned to achieve: beautiful, calm, serene, peaceful; a place where all wants no longer matter, a place where God can (and) will be present as we walk peacefully with Him in such haven. It should not be a place of chaos and anger and pain. It should be a piece of heaven, not the hell itself. And we need to cultivate it. We need to grow grass in the once arrid land, grow trees and tend the fruit trees, make it as pretty as we want to. Nothing is given in this world, and even the heaven in us should start with the one person responsible for it: ourself.

Beloved fellow humans,

May peace be upon you
May your heart be beautiful
May your life be meaningful

May you never feel the sorrow of hell inside
May you find the serenity of heaven inside

May you love yourself and others
May you feel the love of God
May peace forever be in you

Come home to heaven in your heart,
God is waiting for you there.

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