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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Fire Burns

The fire danced merrily
The beautiful peaks
The irresistible glow
The promise of warmth
And the fool was enthralled

Look. Do not touch. It is not yours.

She touched it anyway
The burns still pained her
Yet still she sat there, engrossed
Her hands stretched forward
Ready for yet another embrace

Look. Do not touch. Let go.

She had poured sand on it
Sharp sand that scraped her
She had poured water on it
Cold water that shocked her
Still the fire burns

Look. Do not touch. Enough.

Can't she simply enjoy?
Can't she simply ignore?
In the world of darkness
In the world of loneliness
The fire burns ever so bright

Look away. Step away. Go.

The pain is the pricking of a thousand needles
The sting of seawater over wound
The scab and scar debilitate her
Yet the fire still burns
The fool still stays

Inhale. Exhale. Accept

One day she will walk away
The day will come, the night will end
She will dance as merry as the fire
Glowing as bright as the fire
She will be the fire

But till then, the fire burns….

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