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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Woman at the Mall

I saw a woman at the mall today. I liked her a lot. Her skin complexion was almost flawless, and the chocolatey color of her skin was just perfect. I liked the way her hair fall on her shoulders, as if she just come out from those Salons who strive to make your hair look fall as natural as possible (with lots of hairspray though). 

I can't stop observing her. How she stand so erect, yet so lithe and joyful; it makes her chubbiness even more attractive. She went from store to store with a friend, moving gracefully and confidently. She was constantly smiling and laughing, and making jokes with her friends and various sales person in the stores she visited. But it wasn't the fake facade niceties, you can see her eyes were smiling too and she made the sales persons relaxed and laughed with her, even in stores that she actually couldn't afford to buy. 

If you look at her closely, you can vaguely see (very vaguely) traces of sleep deprivation in her eyebags, as if she didn't get enough sleep last night. But it wasn't visible except for very well trained eyes, and it appears she was not bothered by it. She was radiant, filled with confident and happiness to the brim. Apart from her boyish t-shirt and ragged jeans, she would be a great poster girl: young, confident, happy. Just what to expect from someone famous/rich heir/have an easy good life with unlimited amount of money. The kink is: she has none. All she has, and what attributes to her beautiful radiantness today are 3 words from her beloved boyfriend: "I love you".

That woman is me. I love who I am today and is feeling good about myself. Thank you for making me feel so very special and beautiful today honey. I love you too...

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