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Monday, November 19, 2012


Here's to the most amazing man I know

Who loves me more than Romeo loves Juliet
Who protects me better than Superman protects Lois Lane
Who is sweeter than Orpheus to Eurydice
Who has more passion  for me than Mark Anthony to Cleopatra
Who has more swing than Spiderman to Mary Jane
Who is funner than Donald Duck to Daisy Duck
Who is truer than Odysseus to Penelope
Who adores me more than Kermit adores Ms. Piggy
Who offers more excitement than Clyde to Bonnie
Who trusts me more than Samson trusts Delilah
Who stands by me stronger than John Smith stands for Pocahontas
Who holds me dearer than Aragorn holds Arwen.

Cheers Love. Thank you for being mine.

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