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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Story of Bibi

Few passers-by could imagine the incredible journey Bibi has endured to enjoy such basic Western freedoms - or the enormous courage it takes to hold her head up high. - The Sun

As Valentine day passed and all the commotion and demand to look "beautiful" passed, I would like to encourage all dear readers (especially female) to read below about Bibi Aisha.

Bibi Aisha is an Afghan woman who was the subject of a photo that appeared on the cover of Time. Aisha's father promised her to a Taliban fighter when she was 12 years old to satisfy an obligation, in a practice known as baad. She was married at 14 and abused. At 18, she fled the abuse but was caught. Her father returned her to his in-laws. To discourage kidnapping in the village, they took her into the mountains, cut off her nose and her ears, and left her to die ( from Wikipedia). The photo itself won World Press Photo of the Year 2010.

What do we learn from her story? Yes, beauty is only temporary, especially if you have wacko people around you that thinks female is just another species of animal. But Bibi's story also tells us on how grateful we have to be with our lives, and how petty our worries are compared with the worries of other female around the world. I believe you readers are blessed with the gift of education, of self esteem that comes from an established family, and confident to make a choice. We have all it takes to deal with the world, and these women don't. Have you ever thought how precious those things are? Self-esteem, education, and freedom to make choice?

Instead we debate on how to make us prettier, more fashionable, and all in all "more" from other competitor, from other people. As I mention in my other post, beauty is man made disability. We wail at the fact we have to work 9-5 just to make living, but our comfy desk and reclining chairs are far better than a rough day in the field. We grieve the fact we're not rich or fancy enough to have luxurious items such as designer shoes or the latest iThings crazed, but some people doesn't even have a good pair of dress/shirt to wear during working at the field. We fear that our co worker will take the next promotion and we'll be fired, but there are people who doesn't even have a single way to earn for his/her family's next meal. Do you have any idea how precious those basic freedom that we have, those basic necessities that we got?

Bibi's story, dramatic as it may seems, is just a tip of the iceberg. Many people (and I believe mostly females) are caught in this devilish condition, unable to free from poverty and physical abuse, trapped forever in their closed circle of so-called-family. Do them a favor, remember them in your action. Remember Bibi and other people that trapped in their unhappy life. Start realize that we have so many to thank for. Start to think before you whine for your so-called unpleasant life. Start to share your self esteem and education, encourage people around you (especially female) to feel good about themselves, to be able to stand on their own and make decision for themselves. Remember Bibi Aisha.

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