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Friday, December 3, 2010

On my way to Holiday...

Stacks of e-mail to be send, long list of things that needs to be done, and only 3 more hours to deadline.
No, this is not a Christmas or year end scenario, this is a Galungan scenario :)

Thanks to the perfectly-positioned holiday, we're gonna have a long 5 days holiday for this Galungan. A 5 day holiday that I have been so looking forward to. Not only it going to give me time to get lost in Bali (okay, technically to roam around Bali, but I'll probably gonna literally get lost anyway LOL), but also because I just love Balinese holiday. The music, the smell, the color, the people, the fabulous looking guys in Udeng. It's just fantastic.

Perhaps it's because I'm still retaining my tourist point of view, as my friends and colleague already launch tirade of how depressing it can be: the money, the effort, the time spend in almost no civilization area (or so they say), and of course, the in-laws. But come what may, I still think it's wonderful. It's like back to the old era where Bali was untouched by the globalization, and I secretly think God is also happier in those Holy days.

Now, back to my e-mails and work lists and strenuous days at the office. 3 more hours to blissful holiday, better get moving now ;)

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