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Monday, December 27, 2010

Warung Brazil at Kuta - Cheap Foods!!

Love it or Hate it, Kuta is still one of the most popular destination in Bali. And consequently, the prices there is sky rocket high. Well, not as pricey as Nusa Dua, but still most of the time you got to pay more than what you get. This is not true at Warung Brazil in Kuta :)

The first impression that you'll have when you see this place is probably: "God!". It can be "God, this place's hideous!" or "God, it's so old-fashioned comfy!" Either way, it's good enough to visit or at least stroll to. I came to this place on my official second-day-of-holiday. After a very disappointing moment in Kuta Beach, where my intention to swim was severely washed away by the high pile of trash. So off I go to have breakfast here.

A glass of milk for IDR 5k and Ham-Cheese-Onion-Garlic-Tomato Jaffle for IDR 8K

Don't expect a superb taste. It is pretty normal yet pretty decent :D. Pretty much according to its price. But quite ok, considered my budget was tight LOL. Surely visit this place again, unless I can find something nicer with the same price.

Update April 2011: See more affordable ( a.k.a cheap :p ) foods here. Totemo just undergo renovation, and it's great! Need to try the rest, though ;)

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