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Monday, December 13, 2010

Galungan Dec 2010 Part 2: Food, Glorious Food...

After the flower business (which is a treat for the eye), I'm gonna take you to indulge the glorious food we had at Galungan (yes, a treat for the tummy!).

A day before Galungan is called Penampahan Galungan, which the Balinese menampah/butchered and prepared the meat (usually pig's). As our family is quite small we don't need to really butcher a whole pig, we just buy the meat at the market.
Among other dish, the things that was prepared are some fried pork cutlet, lindung (small fresh water eel), fried chicken eggs, boiled duck eggs (serve whole as a part of the offering), urutan (balinese sausage), and calon (javanese: dendeng ragi, which is coconut shred and mince meat fried together). We also made crispy fried shallot and the all time must: Sambal Matah.

We also make some lawar and other vegetable dish. However for offering Mum opt to dye the lawar with red dye instead of using fresh blood. Again, this is because there's just so few of us at home. In various communities, especially ones with large families, Galungan is a very big event and every one take part of it. This rings the bell especially in villages, but not really so in the city area. A bit too bad actually, tradition may sounds painfully hellish but it is always good to have a special day for get-together.

Thankfully the food preparation ends well, which means the offering was made in proper amount and not ending up in our tummy. This is of course due to Mum's strict gaze every time we pass the table (sorry mum hehehehe). And our reward for being such good children is the ultimate Mum's specialty: smoked fish in sambal matah, accompanied with raw (round) eggplant. Yummy yum yum!!! Next up: The Praying trip :)

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